Commercial Walk-in Cooler Repair or Replacement

A walk-in cooler is the heart of any commercial kitchens. Your inventory depends on it, and so do all of your customers. When you are having trouble with your walk-in cooler repair, it’s crucial to get to the bottom of the issue as soon as possible. Problems can start out small and develop quickly. So, you can repair your walk-in cooler or can replace it with the new one. Moreover, walk-in coolers can move wherever you want to move them with you within the house. However, everybody knows there is too much heat in kitchen and you can’t turn the fan on while you are cooking in the kitchen. But to reduce heat you turn on the exhaust but no more effective for heat and your body have a high temperature. The walk-in cooler can help you to reduce the heat from the kitchen as well as your body temperature.

If your walk-in cooler gets damaged or have any issue in it and unable to work as better as it works. Then you take decision to repair or replace a walk-in cooler is not always straightforward, naturally, you want to control costs while maintaining the performance you need. As with any part of your commercial cooling system, maintenance can extend its life for years – but only up to a point. Make the decision to replace at the right time can save your time, frustration and money. Doing it too early, however, can subject you to necessary costs and a long turnaround time that can be disruptive to your operations. Many factors go into making the call at the appropriate time.

Right time factors to replace or repair walk-in cooler

Here’s how to make the right decision to meet your business needs:

  1. How old is the walk-in cooler?
  2. Temperature level issues
  3. Increased energy usage over time
  4. Performing your regular maintenance checks
  5. Time to replace your commercial compressor?
  6. Door wear and damage
  7. Frost build-up
  8. Water leakage
  9. Odd odours
  10. Inconsistent temperatures

Maintenance tips for walk-in cooler

However, emergency repairs are sometimes needed and the cost can be quite expensive. Furthermore, some unexpected repairs for walk-in coolers could be avoided with a regular maintenance program in place. It is smart to schedule preventive maintenance on all of your foodservice equipment in order to ensure each piece lasts as long as possible. Here are some commercial maintenance tips you can use for your walk-in cooler:

  • Keep the walk-in cooler clean
  • Clean evaporator fan coils and blades
  • Inspect door seals and hinges
  • Check the operational level of the evaporator and condensing unit
  • Monitor daily temperature
  • Set up a maintenance program with experienced technicians.

Issues faced by coolers

Common walk-in cooler issues that the experts repair are as follows:

The repair experts provide services with all types of commercial walk-in coolers. So they’re familiar with repairing a wide range of common problems like these:

  • Lack of power- A tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse may be the cause of the power outage to your walk-in cooler. You could also have wiring issues or a control board problem. The experts are great at diagnosing the issue and repairing it efficiently.
  • Temperature too high- A walk-in cooler that’s overloaded with the product or has frost buildup on the evaporator may start getting too warm. Walk-in freezers or coolers that are excessively used can also experience this problem.
  • Motor running constantly- A if the motor of a walk-in cooler runs constantly, this indicates a possible refrigerant leak or a leak elsewhere that is allowing cooler air to escape.
  • Ice buildup- Ice buildup on the air vent or evaporate coils in a walk-in cooler that indicates at least one underlying problem and the need for professional maintenance.
  • Ice in the drain pan- A clogged drain line or defective heater can cause ice to accumulate in the drain pan of a commercial walk-in freezer.

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