Commercial Shelving for Your Business – What to Consider

Whether it is for a hospital, warehouse, museum, library or any other business, your mobile shelving systems need to be strong, durable, versatile and fully maximise the available storage space. But what exactly do you need to consider?

When any business grows and expands, so does its storage needs, which means there are many factors to consider to ensure you are selecting the right storage system that meets your needs. Should you invest in static storage shelves or is mobile commercial shelving systems a better investment in the long-term?

To ensure your storage area doesn’t turn into a confusing maze of shelves that your staff have to navigate through, high-density mobile shelving systems are an ideal choice. But what specifically do you need to consider and what exactly is a ‘mobile shelving system’?

An intelligent storage system

Mobile shelving is known by many names such as high-density shelving, mobile storage, commercial shelving and mobile aisle shelving, and is the ultimate storage solution for items large and small. Each shelving bay features a wheel traction system that is fitted onto low profile floor tracks. This allows each individual mobile bay to easily glide across the traction system with the slightest effort when staff are storing and retrieving items.

Each mobile bay can be assigned for the storage of particular items, tightly consolidated for maximising the storage space and can be locked according to certain members of staff and management for increased security. They are typically operated manually using a rotary handle found on the outside of each mobile unit, which can be turned in both counter-clockwise and clockwise directions.

Their low profile tracks can be installed on many different types of levels and flooring, depending on the storage area. Adhering to many workplace safety standards and regulations, various storage system manufacturers offer floor tracks with additional options such as small access ramps on each side, false flooring and the option to have the tracks built into the floor itself.

Larger storage areas and businesses that store large amounts of inventory, most commonly hospitals and museums, use electric operated high-density mobile shelving. Powered with an AC or DC small motor that is hidden in the base of the storage system, each mobile bay is operated by pressing a single button on a touchpad.

What items are you storing?

Before searching for a high-density mobile system, it is important to understand the items that you will be storing and what their specific storage requirements are. Do you require a mobile storage system for storing heavy or bulky items? Are you needing to store fragile or highly valuable items that require security which they won’t receive when being stored on a static shelf?

And what about the requirements when items are in storage? Businesses such as museums have specific storage requirements including controlling humidity levels, temperature levels and adhering to specific lighting requirements. Also, will the stored items be highly visible so staff can clearly identify certain items before retrieving?

Where will it be installed?

You will need to know the exact measurements of the available space in your storage area before installing a commercial shelving system. However, apart from knowing the exact width, length and height dimensions, you must also consider the space around the storage system. Will there be enough room for staff if it is placed in a high-traffic area? Will the storage system be placed in front of windows, nearby doors or any other entrances/exits?

Reaching out to a mobile shelving manufacturer that offers tailored mobile storage solutions eliminates the stress out of this procedure. They can assess your storage area to understand your specific mobile shelving requirements, designing and creating a custom-made storage solution that perfectly suits your needs.

Will you be complying with safety regulations?

Will your storage system, regardless of what industry your business is operating within, be complying with various Australian safety standards and regulations? If your storage area has staff constantly retrieving and storing items throughout the day, will there be any trip hazards that could pose a safety issue?

When searching for a storage systems supplier, you must make sure that all their storage solutions have been manufactured and designed to the highest possible Australian standards. Once you have found a storage systems manufacture/supplier, be sure to browse their website for their certifications such as an ISO 9001 from SAI Global.

Will your stored items be safe and secure?

How will you know that your valuable stored inventory will be safe and secure from theft and other security threats? Will you have multiple departments accessing the storage area or the same storage shelving? Would investing in an electrotonically operated mobile storage system be a better choice in terms of how many times staff need to access stored items on a daily basis?

In instances like this, electric high-density storage systems offer maximum security. Apart from being completely operated via a touch panel, they also have the option for each mobile stack to be locked according to specific departments or authorised staff members. This provides superior control over what stored items can be accessed and who has permission to access certain items.

Whether your main concerns are improving security, maximising storage space, increasing safety or more, investing in high-density commercial shelving systems are the ultimate storage solution.

Search online for a storage system manufacture and find out how they can work with you to design and create a storage solution that is tailored to your specific storage needs.

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