Come See These Size 14 Work Boots

When you’re shopping for work boots, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. First off, you’ll want to make sure that the boots are comfortable and support you as your stretch, reach, stand and otherwise go about your day. Of course, the specific nature and level of support you will need will vary by occupation and the work you do, but that can all be evaluated further down the line.

Some other traits you might want to look for are waterproofing, resistance to electrical hazards and resistances to chemicals, oil and gasoline. You should also be looking for a quality pair of work boots that is slip resistant because slips and falls are ubiquitous workplace hazards, whether you need a pair of work boots or not. You might also want a pair of insulated work boots if you spend a lot of time outside in the cold. Take into account value adds like shanks, sharply defined heels for ascending and working from ladders and the quality and durability of the uppers. Naturally, if you work in a hard hat area or anywhere else that you will need additional protection, you might want a pair of steel toe boots.

Have we missed anything? There’s something glaring. Let’s say, to illustrate the point, that you wear size 14 shoes. Then you need Size 14 Work Boots, end of story. It won’t matter how protective or tough your boots are if they don’t even fit your feet. In fact they might even work against you. Considering that, check out this collection of size 14 work boots that you can find at

Avenger 7645 Hammer 6” Soft Toe Work Boot
These are a great pair of work boots that are suitable for anyone who doesn’t need the extra protection of a steel or composite toe. They’re also impressively comfortable, so they’re equally suitable for use for walking or light hiking. They are abrasion resistant, rated against electrical hazards, oil and slip resistant and puncture resistant as well. If you need the support of a lower cut boot without the added protection of a safety toe, these are a suitable choice.

Carolina Men’s 8” Domestic Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boots
These boots are a little bigger and tougher than the former entry, offering the extra stability and ankle support of 8 inch uppers. They are also rated for electrical hazards and slip resistant, along with being proudly made in the United States. As a final note, they have a remarkably comfortable sole, so if that’s a selling feature for you, consider these boots.

Bogs Rancher Steel Toe “Forge” Boots
These pull on boots check most of the boxes already covered and then go a little bit further. They protect you up to the middle of your calf and are insulated with warm Neo-Tech technology. They are rated down to negative 40 degrees and being 100% waterproof make for a great pair of winter boots. Plus, they are extremely rugged and durable and come with the added protection of a steel toe. They are also chemical and slip resistant. If you work in the mud in the winter, these are a great pair of boots to keep by the door.

These three pairs of boots cover a lot of bases for size 14 work boots, but if you feel that you need additional requirements and assurances from a pair of work boots, then visit XL Feet’s website at and do some searching. Unlike other suppliers, XL Feet has no shortage whatsoever of size 14 work boots – in fact, that’s their express purpose. So if you’re a guy with extra large feet, well, the math is already worked out – visit

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