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Collection Of Penalties For Late Wage Payment

If you’re working in California, you’re the most privileged person. The employment law protects you from every side. Whether you are being denied your entire wages or the employer is delaying to pay your wages on time, you are protected to the full extent. The law doesn’t matter whether you got terminated or were laid off, nor are there arguments about whether you are exempt or non-exempt workers. When it comes to payment, it’s your right to have what you have worked for and in the agreed time. The information on your payment must then be provided in your paycheck. If your California employer has violated any wage law, then he/she could face stiff penalties.

Have You Been Paid Correctly Under California Law?

 When it comes to filing your wage violation claim, you want to be sure of what you want. It becomes easier when such violations have happened to a group of employees. As such, you may consider having a  class action lawsuit lawyer in California guide you on the best course of action. Remember that you will not only be collecting your denied wages but also get a share of the penalties for the violation of the law. This will depend on the circumstances of your legal claim. According to California law on paychecks, your employer must:

If your employer has not paid your wages, you need to take action and demand the money you should have paid. Again, to claim your unpaid wages, you need to have a wage statement record. You can get this from your employer. These records are kept for at least three years. Upon request of your payroll records, your employer must provide them within 21 days. If this seems an uphill battle, you may consider talking with an experienced labor lawyer. To get a successful claim, you must ensure you’re not to blame for the late wage payment. This could be because you never provided the right information for payment purposes.

Penalties For Wage Violation

If your employer has violated wage and hour laws, you may be entitled to:

Any employee who is discharged has not only the right to get their wages, but also any accrued or unused vacation. In some situations, your employer may be required to pay additional fees on top of the penalties for wage violations depending on your case. That’s why you need legal help to come up with a successful claim.

Do You Have The Right Legal Representation?

 With the right legal representative, you can even collect attorney’s fees and court costs. Remember, this will work out smoothly if you consider filing a claim involving a number of employees suffering from the same wage violation case. If your employer has violated the wage and hour laws, you need the best class action lawyer to assess your situation. As such, they will help you understand what you need to get the best out of your claim.

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