Close the gaps in recruiting – with recruitment software

Recruiters have distinct styles of working. Nevertheless, the final result should be sourcing top talent for clients and providing candidates with great recruiting experience. But the truth is there can be quite a gap in recruiting expectations and reality. It necessitates a great recruitment software partner to help recruiters achieve good results, to exercise best hiring practices and to close any recruiting gaps.

1. Closing the talent gap

Finding the right candidate and building a talent pool are two things that recruiters are consistently working on.

Talent sourcing can be a challenging task as it involves a lot of networking and combing through hundreds of potential candidates on social media.

Recruitment software helps recruiters conduct this work faster and better. Often, agencies also skills test candidates which then helps client companies make informed hiring decisions.

Oftentimes, talent acquisition teams have a difficult time with passive candidate sourcing. Using a CRM system helps these teams to locate and identify suitable professionals even if they are not actively seeking new opportunities.

Such candidates can still be approached, and their details stored for future use. And the candidates may even reach out first if they ever feel like a change in the future.

2. Closing the productivity gap

Recruiters have tons of work to go through. There is a lot to accomplish. But their daily workflow is often clogged by tedious admin tasks which can prevent them from being as productive as they would otherwise be. Recruitment software is a great tool to help close this productivity gap.

CRM software offers automation of tasks – so anything repetitive and time-consuming can be taken over by the software.

CV parsing and branding are just two of the common examples. Earlier, it would usually take recruiters days to finish this task and now the recruitment software can achieve this in minutes.

This draws the recruiter’s attention to other more important tasks such as networking and relationship building.

3. Closing the communication gap

It is quite common in the staffing industry for recruiters and candidates to suddenly stop interacting.

There are many possible reasons behind this, but it mostly occurs due to working with a large number of candidates, technology issues, and time constraints.

However, it is harmful to the recruiting business to suddenly drop all contact with applicants who might be left wondering what happened.

Recruitment software helps close this communication gap. Firstly, it provides a single platform where recruiters can store all the emails and messages from all their candidates.

This is a huge advantage in keeping all the communication stored and easily accessible. Recruiters can find any message from within the software instead of checking in different email accounts or text messages.

The recruitment software can also automate messages so responding to emails and sending texts is easy. This helps keep the relationship between recruiter and candidate intact.

Therefore, it is safe to say that recruiters and their recruiting agencies gain much value from utilising recruitment CRM. The point is to keep using their CRM system to continue getting as much value from it as possible.

Productivity and efficiency boost help improve recruiter work which has a direct impact on the brand image and value of the recruiter and the agency.

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