Clever Ideas To Host A Delightful Event For The Millennials

Millennials are people generally born somewhere between 1981 and 1996. Millennials are the largest generation in most parts of the world. Hence, as an event planner, it is essential to pay attention to this valuable demographic detail. Planning an event for the millennials can be a challenge as compared to planning a traditional event for people of all ages.

To set the right tone for your event for the millennials, you need to embrace technology in order to engage them and foster networking. For planning an event for the millennials, you need to consider some aspects to establish a connection before, after, and during the event. You need to work twice as hard to keep the engagement alive among the millennial attendees.

Ideas to Host a Fabulous Event for the Millennials

Events depend upon its potential attendees. When it comes to hosting events for the Millenials planning events is a bit different than hosting a traditional event. Millennials are very close to personal technology. Therefore, here are a few tips to help you plan a fabulous and delightful event for the millennials.

1. Offer Complimentary Wi-Fi

Millennials have grown up in the age of technology, where everything is connected online all the time. Therefore, an importat thing that you must ensure in your event for the millennials is to provide fast and complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the venue. Ensure that Wi-Fi service at the event venue is consistent and fast at all locations, including outdoor spots. If you are hosting a tech-based event, make sure the Wi-Fi does not glitch, especially during heavy traffic.

2. Provide Multiple Charging Stations

Millennials are always on their mobile phones, covering the event through their camera lens. You don’t want your attendees to run out of battery, so make sure to offer enough charging spots throughout the venue. Make sure to offer multiple charging stations so your attendees can recharge their electronic devices without having to stand in long lines. Charging stations also offer an amazing opportunity for companies to sponsor their brands and logos.

3. Use RFID Scanners for Check-ins

No one enjoys long waiting lines at the check-ins, and millennials are more impatient when it comes to long lines and jams at the event. They will opt for not attending the event at all than to wait in the line. Don’t panic. You can use RFID technology and scanners to support quick check-ins. There are multiple ways to incorporate RFID technology in your events through badges and bracelets to have easy access and fast access to the event. There are multiple event companies in Abu Dhabi that can help you streamline your check-ins by installing RFID technology.

4. Set up Kiosks for Information

Large events and conferences are overwhelming, so make sure to have touchscreen kiosks at the venue so your attendees can self-check-in. It is recommended that you place kiosks in common areas so your attendees can use it to check the event floor plan and easily locate their favorite brands and vendors. Kiosks can also be used to review the timing and location of each keynote session and the general agenda of the event.

5. Create a Hashtag for the Event

Create a hashtag for your event that is easy to remember and different. After creating your unique hashtag, start promoting your event on social media platforms using that hashtag. Millennials love using hashtags on their Facebook and Instagram stories. If your hashtag is fun, people will use it during and after the event. You can also use these to create interest for your event next year.

6. Promote Event through Social Media

Promote your event through social media on different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more. It will allow attendees to participate in discussions and provide their feedback. Similarly, create a custom Snapchat geofilter to promote your business logo and brand in a modern way. Social media engagement will help spread awareness for your brand beyond your on-site attendees.

7. Give Your Audiences a Voice

Millennials love to voice their opinions, and they appreciate it when they are heard, and other people value their opinions. Therefore, make sure to create different opportunities for them to voice their ideas and perspectives. You can use live polling for sessions or have a Q&A session after every keynote presentation. Similarly, create surveys for their feedbacks and to keep them engaged. You can also set up a graffiti wall where attendees can express themselves.

8. Facilitate Networking via Event Venue

The millennial audience love visuals, so make sure to use colorful signage and lively lights to draw their attention. Keep your audience on the move; instead of coffee breaks, encourage them to participate in different group activities to facilitate networking. Similarly, set up post-dinner activities outside of the venue like a trip to a local amusement park or a yoga session. This way, attendees will get to know each other better.

9. Switch up the Floor Plan

If you are creating an event for the millennial, forget the basic floor plan or a classroom set-up. Switch up your event venue and create a custom room layout with the help of event companies in Abu Dhabi. Create dynamic entertainment spots and seating trend that your attendees will love to experience. You can also choose a unique and dynamic venue location for the event with a 360-degree view of the skyline.

10. Set up Photobooths

Millennial and GenZers love taking pictures, so set up photo booths throughout the venue so your guests can capture these moments and always remember them. These photo booths can be formal or with striking backdrops and selfie frames. Photo booths offer a fantastic marketing and advertisement opportunity because you can include your company logo in the backdrop.

Plan Amazing Events

Now you are ready to host an amazing event that the millennials will love to be a part of. These tips will ensure maximum engagement and networking at the event. Millennials want to feel important and that their opinions matter. So, as an event organizer and the host, it is your duty to keep them engaged at every step of the way and keep their attention throughout the event until the end and long afterward. Incorporate learning and entertainment opportunities for your attendees to keep it lively and unique. Make sure to engage your attendees in fun networking activities and always keep them on the move. Give them lots of opportunities to engage on social media and express their feelings and opinions regarding the current agenda. Possibilities are endless, so get creative!

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