Choosing The Right Nightstand for Your Room

An elegant Antique Nightstand can add some much-needed charm and utility to your bedroom. Whether you are looking for easy access to some of your personal belongings, a helpful spot to house your phone at night, or simply an attractive piece to round off your bedroom decor, the right nightstand will offer all of this and more.

There are several factors you should consider when choosing an antique nightstand, such as the material it has been constructed out of, how well it matches up with your particular bed, and how much utility it provides in terms of drawer space and shelving.

Above all else, your nightstand should resonate with you and make a comfortable fit. After all, you will be utilizing it more than you might think. Nightstands are one of the most personal and oft-used pieces of furniture in your house, so you should take this into consideration while on your search for just the right one.

Elements of a Quality Nightstand
A well-made vintage nightstand should be constructed out of high-quality natural materials such as solid wood and marble. The piece should feel sturdy and durable, no matter how delicate or exquisite the carvings or decoration.

The desired piece should also have ample space to store plenty of items that you would want easy access to, as well as a generous amount of space on top for your bedside essentials, such as a lamp, any books you may be reading, a jewelry dish or statuary, your phone dock, with room to spare.

What to Watch For When Selecting Your Nightstand
One of the key points to consider when looking for that perfect nightstand to complete your bedroom ensemble is the height of your current bed. You want a nightstand or commode that is most proportionate to your bed, otherwise, you may run into accessibility issues.

Ideally, you want your nightstand to be roughly level with your mattress to ensure that you are able to reach it without straining yourself. Traditional nightstands work best when paired with queens, fulls, and twins, while larger king-sized beds work well with commodes.

How an Antique Nightstand Can Be Used to Style Your Room
Much like any quality piece of antique furniture, the nightstand you choose should not only be useful, it should stand out. Choose a beautiful piece that enhances the feeling of refinement and luxury in your home and bedroom.

Perhaps the best part of searching for a quality nightstand is the array of styles and details you are liable to find. From intricate wood carvings to gorgeous marble tops, you are sure to find a piece that matches your bedroom and the specific theme of your decor. They can certainly be used to add that extra little pop of the unexpected.

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