Choosing Roller Blinds for Home: 5 Points to Consider

Window treatments can give any room a quick makeover; besides giving the room space a fresh look, it is also a great option for light control and privacy. In this respect, roller blinds play a vital role. If you are looking forward to buying these blinds, there are plenty of online sellers selling roller blinds Delhi, Bangalore or any other place across India. However, buying blinds online can be tricky and daunting for first-time buyers and you must be careful. Here are a few points to consider before ordering roller blinds online.

Dimensions of the Space Available

You should be aware of how much space is available for the blinds. Knowing these specifications beforehand can help you select blinds of the right dimensions for your window. Understanding the measurements will also help you in choosing an appropriate style. Ignoring the dimensions can land you up with the wrong choice of roller blinds. 

Where to Fit the Blinds?

Blinds can be fitted on both sides of the window inside and outside. It depends on your preference. In case of fitting them outside, you’ll need to get blinds of larger size than that for inside. The benefit of fitting outside is that it allows for more light to pass through. Fitting blindsinside provides more privacy and gives a more stylish look to the room.

Type of Material

The right kind of material depends on the amount of light you wish to have in a room. Light control determines the privacy you will have, which is a crucial factor to consider before buying roller blinds in Delhi. If you want more light in the room, you might have to choose polyester, cotton, or Polyethylene Leatherette (PET) materials. For blackout or less light, select blinds made of fiberglass covered with PVC.


The right style of the blinds can enhance your room décor. However, the style chosen should be such that it fits them with the place and blends well with the room décor. There are two categories in roller blinds. One is plain roller shades and the other one is designer roller shades. Plain roller shades will give the room an elegant touch by their simple but classy look. On the other hand, designer roller shades, as the name suggests, provide a more aristocratic look. These can be used as drapery for the windows.


When it comes to choosing colours in home décor, the simplest rule to follow is to choose light colours to brighten up the room and dark colours to blackout the room. The same is applicable when buying roller blinds. You also need to consider the room décor when selecting the colour of the blinds. Ensure that it matches the rest of the room décor. 

I hope you keep these points in mind before choosing roller blinds for your home. Select the right roller blinds and add a touch of style and attractiveness to your room with this elegant window treatment option.

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