Choosing Image Quality for Commercial Surveillance Systems

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Image quality is the factor that determines the clarity of the video footage and how detailed it is, this quality has improved a lot over the years, earlier the images used to be blurry and they even had disturbing noise, but now they are much better than they used to be.

Businesses do need good image quality in their surveillance systems, but depending on the company that manufactured them, surveillance systems can be of varying image quality, this article is going to focus on choosing the right image quality for commercial surveillance systems.

Why does image quality matter?

Image quality does matter in the case of surveillance systems; there can be many reasons for that and here are a few of them.

  • Surveillance systems with good image quality show detailed footage of the surroundings, minor details can be spotted easily such as vehicle number plates and the little details of the face.
  • The image won’t get pixilated no matter the zoom level; this is useful in severe cases such as murder and burglary that require thorough investigation.
  • Having good image quality cameras is good for recording 24/7, especially at night when there are several hindrances such as lack of light, a good image quality camera will at least show decent night footage, if not a good one which can be processed via computer software if needed.

Factors that affect the right image quality

Resolution of image: – A camera’s image quality is typically determined by resolution, in simple words all the pixels within the image, but how does resolution refer to image quality?

To put it simply the more pixels an image has the better the image quality and clearer the footage, technically If there are more pixels in an image they will be of less size and thus make image size better, on the other hand, if there are fewer pixels then it will take a larger size of them to cover the screen thus making the image blurry and the footage unclear.

Storage and bandwidth: – With the introduction of IP camerasImage resolution of security cameras have been improving constantly, IP cameras can have up to 20 times higher resolution in images since they can compress and digitize the analog images from the camera and then transmit them over the internet.

The highest available resolution of a camera is 4k which is ultra HD, but not so fast! Taking a look at storage and bandwidth is also very important, in general terms the higher the resolution, the higher the storage and bandwidth, so be careful before blindly choosing the surveillance camera the highest resolution.

What should be the image quality?

It generally depends on the budget; infrastructure and resources of the business, the purpose for which the security camera will be used should also be taken into account.

Generally, the highest resolution CCTV camera is not required in most of the commercial spaces, and installing those will just be a waste of money, 2, 3 or 4MP cameras will just do fine, if the businessman requires face details to also be recorded, a 5MP camera will do well without high costs.

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