Choose the Right Glasses for Your Face Type

Your eyeglasses protect your eyes from direct sunlight, reduce computer screen glare, allow you to see characters more clearly and also keep debris from getting into your eyes. Make sure that you are using microfiber eyeglasses cleaning cloth to clean your eyeglasses. When you are shopping for eyeglasses, you often see them looking attractive on display. However, when you put on your eyeglasses, you cannot appreciate your own looks. It’s because you have set your eyes on a frame that is not right for your face shape. 

When it comes to choosing a style of eyeglasses, your face shape plays an important role. Therefore, before you purchase eyeglasses, you should be aware of your face shape. Always purchase microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth as well as you have to take care of your eyeglasses from the very first day.

Face Type

Stand in front of a mirror keeping your hair away from your face. Check the overall contours and shape of your face and head. Following are the most common face shapes and frames that look great on them: 

  1. Oval face shape 
  2. Heart-shaped face
  3. Oblong face shape
  4. Square face shape
  5. Diamond face shape
  6. Round face shape
  7. Base-down triangle

1. Oval Shape

Oval face shape is the most balanced face shape. This is the reason why it is considered the ideal face shape. When you are choosing a frame for your face, the objective should be maintaining the natural balance of your face. The frame should be as wide as your face’s broadest part. Walnut-shaped frames are ideal for you. The frame should not be too narrow or deep. 

2. Heart Shape 

This face type has a narrow bottom third and wide top third. The heart-shaped face is also known as base-up triangle shape. You need to do something about the apparent width of the top. Your frame should be wider at the bottom. Rimless frames and light-colored thin frames with airy appearance are also ideal for your face shape.    

3. Oblong Shape 

If you have a long, straight cheek line and your face is longer than it is wide, you have an oblong face shape. To make your face appear more balanced, make it appear shorter. Your frame should have more depth than width. Choose a decorative frame with contrasting temples.

4. Square Shape  

This face shape has a broad forehead and strong jaw. The width and length of the face have the same proportions. Choose frames that soften the angles of your face and make it look longer. Narrow frames are ideal for you. You can also choose frames with narrow ovals and less depth than width.

5. Diamond Shape 

The jawline and forehead of this shape are narrow. Broad cheekbones may be high. This face shape is the rarest. Frames with distinctive or detailing brow lines soften your cheekbones and highlight your eyes. Oval or cat-eyed shaped rimless eyeglasses and frames are perfect for you.

6. Round Face Shape 

If your face has curved lines with no angles and width and length are in the same proportions, you have a round face shape. Angular narrow frames lengthen your face and make it look thinner. Your frames should have a clear bridge. Rectangular frames wider than depth are also good for you.

7. Base-Down Triangle 

The chin and cheek areas are wide and the forehead is narrow. Choose heavily accented frames that highlight the narrow upper third and add width to your face. You can also choose cat-eye shaped frames.

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