Chinese New Year Celebrations with Enticing Cakes

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Chinese New Year (aka Lunar New Year) is a widely celebrated festival around the globe. This spring festival is a 15-day celebration to start a new year with new hope and optimism. Chinese people celebrate this great festival with their family and beloved ones. They cherish each moment together and pray for a better life and a peaceful future ahead.

Over the past 3,000 years, Chinese New Year is considered a ceremonial day where people gather and pray for a better future. Also, people pray to God to protect them from evil and bad omen. It is known as the best time of the year where people implore for financial stability and permanence.

One of the great things about Chinese New Year is that people clean their homes and prepare desserts for their families. Usually, people prepare a great variety of sweet dishes, but Glutinous Rice Cake, Sweet Rice Balls, and Good Fortune Fruit are everyone’s favorite, and Chinese people love to add them to their menu.

Well, the celebration of New Year Eve is incomplete without a lip-smacking and delicious cake. Gladly, Chinese New Year Cake Delivery is easy, and you can get desired cake at your doorsteps.

The current discussion intends to highlight the most enticing and yummiest cakes to try in 2022. Indeed, these cakes can double the joy and festivity of the event.

Top Trendy Cake for Chinese New Year Celebrations

Here’s the list of trendy and compelling for your New Year celebrations.

  • Ball Drop Cake

Indeed, finding a delicious cake in Singapore isn’t a daunting task as every other cake shop prepares yummy cake. But, finding a well-designed cake with a unique taste is a real struggle because professional skills and expertise are needed to prepare an exclusive cake. ‘Ball dropping cake’ is one of the finest and preferable choices to celebrate your new year. This layered cake contains multicolor ball drops hanging around with the strong support of choco sticks. You can choose any balls, including firework balls, color balls, silver crystal balls, or whatever suits you the most. You can go for customized cakes and unique balls to make the celebrations worth-remembering.

Remember, fondant and creamy cake are quite typical, and you must have tried in your past. So, think about something different, attractive, and mouth-watering this time.

  • Sparkling Stars Cake

New Year starts with sparkling and radiant stars in the sky. So, you can think about trying sparkling star cake if you have to throw a night party. No matter if you choose a spongy cake or want to try fondant cake for the party, you can add the sparkling star as a topping. Surely, it gives an entirely new look to your cake and grabs everyone’s attention.

It is recommended to order this distinctive cake for your evening and night parties. Imagine you are sitting under the sky with this unique cake & your dearest ones. It’s worth-trying to welcome New Year with this delectable cake.

  • Rose and Heart Clock Cake

New Year is all about spreading love and positivity. It’s the best time of the year when you can gift something precious to your special friends and family members. So, if you want to gift something unique to a dearest person on Chinese New Year, then gift ‘Rose and Heart cake’ without any second thought. The subtle combination of white and red roses looks heavenly awesome. Admittedly, it’s the best way to win someone’s heart and convey your message without saying a single word.

The inclusion of ‘tiny clock’ on the cake’s top is simply excellent because it shows that you have chosen the best time of the year to express your emotions and love for someone.

  • Tick-Tock Cake

New Year is all about setting new resolutions and celebrating time. This cake will make each moment memorable and lively. You can opt for a simple and elegant chocolate cake with choco sticks on its top that represents hours and minutes. The selection of fresh cream and dark chocolate is a perfect choice as it enhances the cake’s classiness and exclusiveness. This Tick-Tock cake indicates that New Year is the best time to quit negativity and start something positive this time.

  • New Year Poster Cake

Please keep it simple and distinguish!

You can order a vanilla cake with New Year Poster on it. You can write any of the customized messages on the poster like ‘Hola New Year’ or ‘Welcome Chinese New Year 2022’.

This simple and super-decent cake is ideal for your New Year Eve celebrations.

Final Words

So, which of the cake mentioned above attracts you the most? Inevitably, all of them are amazing and worth-trying for your Chinese New Year Celebrations. However, always choose the professional and top-notched cake shop for alluring and tasty cakes.

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