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Cigar smoking is not for the faint of heart. This unique hobby requires dedication, knowledge, and of course, good cigars. Many good quality cigars may be hard to come by at times. Really good cigars can even be quite expensive, and with the other needed accessories to have a worthwhile cigar smoking experience, the cost could add up. Usually, the normal way to purchase cigars is through a cigar shop, but try to consider searching cigars for sale online.

A typical cigar smoker needs all the necessary equipment to have an adequate smoking experience. To attain all of those supplies, that requires going out to the store. What if you were able to purchase premium cigars from the comfort of your own home? That’s where Rocky’s Cigars has you covered. This online shop has a wide and diverse range of cigars to choose from that every cigar smoker will enjoy.

Let’s say you’re new to smoking cigars and you need a few recommendations on what to try first. What’s so great about Rocky’s Cigars website is that you are able to filter their wide range of cigars by popularity, average rating, and even by price. So let’s talk about some of the most popular cigars for sale online.

1. Flor de Oliva Bundles
These cigars were given a 5-star rating on Rocky’s Cigars website. These affordable cigar bundles offer an “everyday smoke of a rich, flavorful cigar with a smooth, creamy Sumatra wrapper,” according to Rocky’s Cigars website. These cigars are made with Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos which give the cigar a satisfying finish and a great smoking experience.

2. Brioso Cigars
This cigar has a very high rating from Rocky’s Cigars website and is described as smooth and tasty by highly satisfied customers. The even burn and pleasant aroma make for a great smoke, especially for the affordable price. These cigars are blended with two types of Dominican tobacco and accompanied by a Honduran Jamastran wrapper to give the cigar a medium-bodied flavor.

3. Arturo Fuente
Now, these cigars are a little more of an investment, but they are worth every penny. Blended with A-Fuente Gran Reserva and wrapped in African Cameroon, these cigars will exceed all of your expectations. As per the Rocky’s Cigar website, “A Fuente Gran Reserva guaranteed one quality; ‘The Finest.’”

4. Umbagog Bundles
Named after Steve Saka’s favorite bass fishing lake, Umbagog, these cigars are one of the favorites among Rocky’s Cigar shop owners in Syracuse, New York. They are now sold in the store and online to honor the quirky and well-renowned cigar smoker.

5. Leaf by Oscar
This is the perfect cigar for someone looking to support a small, boutique cigar maker. It’s unique appearance and quality cigar making speak for itself. This is the cigar for any smoker looking for a smoking experience like they’ve never had before. These bundles have a range of different tobaccos to choose from, as well. Decide between Corojo, Maduro, Connecticut, or Sumatra. Heck, buy all four!

The Best Place Find Cigars for Sale Online

Rocky’s Cigars is the perfect place for all of your cigar needs. You are able to purchase and explore all the basics if you’re a beginner, or test out new types of cigars if you’re more of a seasoned smoker. This shop is the #1 cigar shop in Upstate New York for a reason. Their commitment to providing great quality cigars is unfounded and their customer service unmatched. The people at Rocky’s Cigars strive to provide every customer with top-notch cigars and want to ensure everyone has an exceptional smoking experience.

If you want to explore all that Rocky’s Cigars has to offer, check out their website at or give them a call at 888-216-5834. They will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and recommend some great cigars.

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