Charles Haward – A Modern Day Rags to Riches Story

From the annals of North London comes the story of a fine gentleman who has managed to defy the odds and become one of the leading real estate entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom. We have all heard countless stories of people who have managed to get on top and beat the odds that life throws at them. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouths, but that doesn’t mean that they are not able to change their circumstances.

Charles Haward is an enigma who has managed to circumvent the hardships of life and is now one of the most prominent names in the United Kingdom. He is one of a handful of people who have managed to go on and on and become successful in what they do. There was no chip on his shoulder, and there was nobody to guide him through the problems of life.

He didn’t have friends from Cambridge nor did he have a minister’s backing. All he had was an unbridled passion and a desire to succeed. Drowned under the din of the crowd, he was just one of many people who were struggling hard in order to make a living for himself.

Haward was born in a family of four to hard-working parents. He wasn’t highly qualified nor did he have a strong education to aid him. However, Haward was able to identify his strengths from an early age. He knew that he had a talent for real estate and he always wanted to be an entrepreneur. While roaming around the streets of Camden, he came to the realization that he was quite adept at selling.

Things changed in 2013 and Haward found himself out on the streets. He was struggling, and the experience of homelessness was one that completely changed him. He spent around nine months out on the streets, and in that period of time, he was able to learn quite a lot. Despite the fact that it was a terrible experience, it was one that completely changed his outlook on life.

He built himself from the ground up, reaching the top of the food chain. He became Big V to many people, and others started referring to him as a property expert, a specialist, and a real estate entrepreneur. He became one of the most-talked about names in the country, especially in the real estate industry.

His highest point was when he was appointed the real estate director at Keller Williams UK, one of the leading real estate businesses in the country. Most people who look at him would be hard-pressed to acknowledge that this guy was out on the streets and had little going on for him just a few years ago, but Charles is a great example of how life changes when you are willing to struggle and focus on one thing.

His reputation for precedes him and he is one of the most respected names in the world of real estate. People listen to him and his expert insights are highly valued throughout the industry.

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