5 Ways to Keep Your Central Air Conditioning Unit Maintained and Working

With the summer heat at its high, keeping your air conditioning system in good condition is essential. As the temperature soars higher, it becomes unbearable for homeowners to bear the heat. A faulty system makes your life even more unbearable by wreaking havoc on your life. The same system fills the house with refreshing cold air when it works well. You are all praise for your system. In other words, it is more of a love-hate relationship with your central air conditioning unit.

How to Keep Your Central Air Conditioner Running Efficiently

You may have already had a few repairs on the central air conditioner that you rely on so heavily during the summer months. As it quits working, it could no doubt be difficult to stay indoors. An investment in regular maintenance and repair regularly can pay off by keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Proper air conditioning maintenance can help your unit last decades. On the flip-side, a neglected air conditioner loses roughly 5% of its efficiency each year that it operates without upkeep.

Fortunately, all such issues can be avoided with experts specializing in central air conditioning repair in Queens. The technicians are fully licensed and talented, and they know what it requires to keep your unit running strongly and efficiently.

Keep the Unit Cleared of all Plants

Outdoor air conditioning condensers are ugly, and it seems like homeowners will do their best to hide them from sight. Plants, fences, and trellises are popular ways to protect the A/C units.

Outdoor air conditioning condensers can become an eyesore. Many homeowners tend to hide them from sight by placing plants, fences, and trellises. However, if you want an adequate amount of airflow around all sides to perform at peak efficiency, experts recommend that landscaping and other objects placed about three feet away from the unit itself.

But what is more important is to fix condenser issues. While homeowners can fix minor issues by themselves, significant problems may need professional intervention. Other things you can do to help increase the air quality are cleaning up leaves and other debris regularly and cutting back bushes and trees and other plants.

Wash Pollen and Other Debris off Condenser

If your outdoor air condenser unit is in an unnoticeable location, it is effortless to forget about cleaning it regularly. You don’t want to neglect this effortless chore. The condenser pulls in air, and when it does, pollen and other debris often cling to its exterior. This will restrict airflow and decrease cooling efficiency and perhaps even cause the unit to overheat.

Most homeowners don’t care to pay attention to the outdoor air condenser unit. Neglecting the unit causes the unit to overheat. As the pollen and debris cling to the condenser unit, it becomes difficult for air to enter the home, thus decreasing cooling efficiency.

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Change the Filter Regularly

Maintaining a central air conditioning unit is all about preserving airflow. That is why it is essential to change the air filter on the system regularly.

Maintaining a central air conditioning unit is essential to smooth airflow. Make sure that the air filter is regularly changed.

Filter packages usually state a recommended schedule for replacement but depend more on how much the unit is running and how dirty the air is.

During hot months, it makes sense to change the air filter more frequently. The process is not complicated at all. You need to slide the old filter out and slide the new one in.

Set Temperatures in a Programmable Thermostat

It’s common knowledge that the more you use the air conditioner, the more wear and tear it is likely to endure. Setting the temperature by day and time can help reduce the unit’s overall usage.

For example, we set out temperature higher during the day and colder during the hours when we sleep. Setting the thermostat to the suggested temperature saves you from turning the unit on and off repeatedly.

Keep the Sun Out

Another excellent way to reduce air conditioners’ usage is to block the sun during the hottest part of the day. Close the blinds or drapes when the shines in the most.

This is a unique way to prevent the rise in interior temperature. Other things you can consider is planting trees or installing awnings to diffuse some of the sunlight.

Get Professional Inspection and Cleaning Done Annually

Before the winter sets in, it is vital to get a regular maintenance check and cleaning done on the unit by an HVAC professional. If you notice any problems in any of the internal components such as coils, fan, motor, blades, compressor, tubing, and other things, call out experts from a reputable company. A reliable and trusted technician knows what it requires to provide central air conditioning repair in Queens and Brooklyn.

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