Cars with the Best Noise Insulation: 7 Best Models

The quality of sound insulation is very important when choosing cars. This is especially true on a road trip, where you want to relax and not hear any annoying sounds. Imagine that you picked up Avis car rental Pittsburgh airport for a family weekend and expected a comfortable ride. However, poor car noise insulation of your vehicle made driving a nightmare. Agree – this is an unpleasant situation anyway.

Well, when automakers release a new product, they put a great effort into eliminating unwanted sounds like wind and road noise, as well as transmission and power unit vibration. They apply active electronic noise insulation, package cars in super-modern soundproofing, and also supply the car with special acoustic glasses. 

According to the reviews of numerous drivers, we have selected several vehicles with excellent noise insulation. By choosing one of them, you guarantee a quiet ride for yourself and your passengers…

Audi A8 

File:Audi A8-D5.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Many experienced drivers include the A8 into the list of the best cars in terms of noise insulation. Despite the volume when you press the gas pedal, there’s no annoying hum when sitting in the cabin, and the double acoustic glass diffuses any outside noise.

The fantastic interior is filled with lush leather, wooden inlays and suede details. Double glazing cuts out most of the sound interference from the outside world, while the drivetrain is quiet both when accelerating and at a high speed. Plus, high-quality tires transmit almost imperceptible traces of road noise. Audi A8 is attractive for everyone who is going on a road trip and wants to rent a car with a quiet interior.

BMW 7-Series 

File:BMW Alpina B7 Biturbo G12.jpg

This is another great German car alongside Audi. The quiet cabin and calm ride of this luxurious model is beyond praise. BMW has added new soundproofing above the rear wheels to prevent road noise. 

Reinforced insulation is also used in the pillars, harness ports and behind the rear seat. Some models have thicker laminated glass system for the side, rear and front windows.

Kia K900

File:'15 Kia K900 Inside Carrefour Laval -- Front.JPG

While Kia is not a luxury brand, the K900 stands up to tough competition in the premium class. This means you won’t regret choosing this model as a rental car for your trip, or buying this vehicle. Some interior materials are not of high quality, but this car still manages to provide a quiet ride.

Kia acknowledges that reducing noise levels and improving comfort performance for the K900 has been a design priority. The automaker has applied additional insulation for the engine, floor and ceiling. The windshield and front windows are covered with a special acoustic film, and the improved wheel design has helped to reduce road noise.

Lincoln Navigator

File:2019 Lincoln Navigator 'Reserve', front 8.29.20.jpg

Laminated glass on the front and sides, together with active noise control technology, makes this king-size SUV a really quiet off-road vehicle. Even at maximum engine revs, its V6 power unit runs smoothly in the background, without disturbing the peace of those traveling inside.

The fans of the three-zone automatic climate control also blow quietly, and you don’t need to strain your vocal chords to talk to other passengers when the heater or air conditioner is on.

Mercedes S-Class 

Мерседес S-Класса 2021: фото, видео, характеристики, двигатели,  комплектации и цены.

As always, the Mercedes is a large, luxurious car with a cozy and quiet interior. Thus, VIPs often rent cars from a German brand for business needs. The prestigious sedan has one of the most beautiful interiors on the planet, as you would expect from an S-class car.

Even when traveling at a high speed, the power unit is hardly noticeable, and the standard air suspension perfectly filters out any vibrations and road noise. If you travel with a chauffeur, you can easily whisper commands to him from the back seat – he will hear you without any problems.

Chevrolet Traverse 

File:Chevrolet Traverse 3.6 Premier AWD 2018 (39089515502).jpg

The interior of the Chevy Traverse doesn’t quite live up to the high standards of some other full-size crossovers, but professional test drivers have taken note of its tranquil interior environment. The SUV’s unruffled, understated character is complemented by active noise control to help reduce the rumble of the standard V6 engine. The noise of the road and wind is barely audible and you can easily talk to all passengers.

Honda Odyssey

File:2021 Honda Odyssey (United States).jpg

Travelers often choose Honda Odyssey as their family car rental. The car is made of high-strength steel, which provides excellent aerodynamics and high degree of rigidity. What’s more, innovative suspension components along with unique subframe design counteract uneven road surfaces and help reduce any vibration.

Honda also achieved an incredibly quiet cabin by spraying acoustic foam into 14 hollow sections of the body.

If you’re having trouble capturing the attention of kids who are keen on rear-seat video entertainment system, Honda CabinTalk can help. It allows you to use the rear speakers or Odyssey wireless headphones. Use itas a hands-free system, amplifying your voice throughout the cabin.

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