Career options in data science

Career options in data science

Data science and machine learning is becoming more mainstream everyday. Life is becoming dependent on electronics more and more everyday. As a result, humanity is generating more data than ever. A career in data science is proper utilization of the situation and an act of securing a professional foot hold for the future to come. Public sectors like logistics , traffic and healthcare are benefiting from the blessings of data science implementation. Many more areas are yet to benefit and a future crisis of well trained data scientists are imminent.

Application of data science is widespread, but there are specific areas where the knowledge can excel better.

As a big data analyst
In order to become a big data analyst,a foundation in maths and statistics is important. Additionally, skills with languages like python or java is required alongside machine learning skills. As a big data analyst, a career is most likely possible in marketing and digital marketing industries as well as the public welfare sector.

As a data analyst
These days, a data analyst is a valuable asset for any business. An adept group of analysts can determine immediate strategies even before the onset of any business.All the data of geographical, political , financial to cultural aspects of life in a region at a given time comes under the jurisdiction of data analysis.Data analytics can be an excellent option for building a career, as its application ranges from business to disaster management to even public sectors.

As a business analyst
Business analytics deals with all kinds of business data for devising a better strategy for business. Analysis of data for making the business infrastructure more efficient is the primary goal of a business analyst. It is important for a business analyst to have deep insight and a holistic view of a particular business. Hence, adaptability is the key for success. Superior knowledge and grip on multiple domains of business is expected among all the other virtues of a business analyst.As a career option in data science, business analytics commands a lot of attention due to its variety of applications.

As a machine learning and AI professional
For becoming an AI professional, only data science knowledge is not enough. A good concept and training with deep learning , neural networks and advanced machine learning is very much relevant as well. In Spite of having multiple opportunities in the field, bringing something new to the table using AI is the most beneficial adventure to take on. And if unaffordable at a point of time an individual with skills with AI and machine learning can thrive in any industry from finance to disaster management.

Where to begin
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