Capital Loan: Required in Every Stage of Business Operation

Credit financing facilities like a capital loan are one of the widely recognised funding options in India due to their ease of availability and the numerous conveniences they offer. 

For instance, availing a business loan instead of liquidating your equity would allow you to run your company sans encumbrances on your authority.

According to a report published by TransUnion CIBIL, the MSME sector witnessed a credit exposure of Rs.17.75 trillion, as of January 2020. 

On a larger scale, total commercial lending exposure clocked a growth YoY growth rate of 3.9%. 

Furthermore, such credit facilities are suitable and applicable to every stage of business operation. 

It provides a financial buffer in not only times of monetary crisis in the business but also a convenient way out sans putting anything at stake. 

How is capital loan requirement at every stage of business operation?

A business, in its lifetime, goes through several stages. Each stage presents a different set of challenges. 

However, the one component that remains constant in almost all MSMEs’ business operations is a capital loan

Irrespective of other sources of funding, it is a more straightforward and convenient way to address exigent monetary obligations and thus, a mainstay. 

The following points discuss the different stages of business operation and how credit facilities like a working capital loan apply to them: 

Stage 1: Seed 

It is when a company is not yet registered or does not even have clients, but just the idea and preparation to get started. 

This stage presents the challenge of market acceptance and sufficient takers of the idea. Furthermore, seed funding via investors can be significantly challenging to acquire for most businesspersons.

Therefore, an individual might consider burning through their entire savings or availing funds from kin and kith. 

Alternatively, however, you can consider availing a business loan based on your needs. The eligibility for such loans would entirely depend on your credibility and savings. 

Nevertheless, if you can substantiate your repayment capability, such a loan can aid you to get things started and moving on to the next stage. 

Stage 2: Start-up

This stage is characterised by a registered business, a few customers, and good or service in production. 

It is one of the most crucial stages in a business operation because revenues would be thin, and you might not be able to make profits. 

In such a situation, most of the operations would run on the owners’ capital. However, leveraging owned capital might make your business’s financial footing fragile. 

Therefore, you might consider a credit facility to carry out daily operations. That way, you can use a working capital loan to bolster your business.

Stage 3: Growth

It is perhaps the most critical stage in a business operation lifecycle. Decisions at this stage have a considerable bearing on a business’s growth trajectory. This stage is marked by a substantial influx of revenue and customers, and also competition. 

Competition demands you use your resources – time, money, and workforce – adequately to gain a competitive edge. 

Investing in infrastructure and workforce is quintessential at this point that will lead to proper management and delegation. Also, you need to focus on R&D to remain competitive. 

Resultantly, all of that requires considerable outlays. Therefore, to soften the monetary impact of growth and ensure firm financial footing, you might consider divvying up the obligations. 

You can use rising profits to mitigate larger outlays and avail a business loan to address smaller expenditures. 

Stage 4: Expansion

Expansion is the crescendo to growth. When your business offers are adequately filled, you might consider expanding into adjacent markets. It involves numerous expenses and maybe no less hectic than the growth stage.

Your costs of carrying out business will rise exponentially. However, similar to the growth stage, you can choose to distribute expenses and meet the hefty ones with profits and expenditures like working capital with a capital loan. That way, a business loan can keep your enterprise financially healthy.

Furthermore, several reputed financial companies like Bajaj Finserv bring pre-approved offers on loans to streamline the overcomplicated process and quicken the disbursement of the loan.

Apart from these stages, there is a declination and exit stage. You can avert declination of your business by recognising proper market opportunities and relevant avenues that you can take to regain your heft in competition. 

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