Can we watch Hotstar for free?

The biggest concern of today’s world is how we can get the subscription of various OTT platform. And it happens because of our immense craving towards the portable entertainment facilities. There are several OTT platforms in the entertainment world that are replacing the TV. gradually. People generally use their phones or other devices to watch their shows. 

The next thing is here you have full control according to your needs. You can choose anything anytime this is the most compatible aspect of the new entertainment trend. And Hotstar is one of the most knowing OTT platforms where you can stream your favorite shows, live sports, movies, tv serials, and other Hotstar content. 

Hotstar is getting popularity day by day. Hotstar has lots of content including Indian TV serials and American or international shows. People prepared this platform because of its freemium policies. 

And once you get the subscription of the Hotstar premium you would be able to get access to every single show. As well as without any advertising for any kind of disturbances.  

So here I want to share some information about how to get a free Hotstar Premium subscription? What types of payment method it requires to watch all Hotstar content.  

How to get access to free Hotstar Premium:

The first step is you need to create your Hotstar Account for taking advantage of any type of service of the Hotstar. After creating a Hotstar account you can try the first option that is free Hotstar premium subscription plan. Here you can watch all the shows for up to 7 days.  You have to fill your card’s details and after that enjoy your free premium season and explore hundreds of shows and other content as well. 

In this duration, you can judge Hotstar content for your further use. If it feels good then you can go through it further and if not leave it without giving anything.

Second option is Paytm: 

This option might not work in any condition but you can try this for checking your luck. Some time Paytm use to give 100% case back option where your payment whatever you pay would be refunded within a few minutes. Here is some step you should follow to get free access. Login your Hotstar account then choose a premium subscription option where you have to choose the Paytm for payment and pay them 299 INR. Do not worry because your money will be refund you in a few minutes.

But try this method carefully because Paytm does not remain this full case back option for long. So check this before you use it. And if you get some notification from the Paytm then try your free Hotstar Premium services as soon as possible. 

Hotstar Coupon code: And if you want to save some amount of money then use our Hotstar Coupon code USA for the US to get 10% off in Hotstar premium subscription plan. Here is some discount which you can avail of your Hotstar premium: HAPPY2020 for the USA and MYCRICKET for Canada.

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