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They say that you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone. Hair is a good example. When you have it, you don’t feel like it is a big deal. The moment it stops growing is when you start appreciating it. Hair completes our beauty, and many love their hair because they can style it in any style they like. The problem comes in when you start losing hair. 

Many conditions can cause hair loss, but the most common one is male pattern baldness. Other conditions include chemotherapy, surgery that leaves a big scar on the scalp, injuries on the scalp such as burns, and skin diseases. All these are common problems that can cause hair loss. If this happens to anyone, it can lead to depression and low self-esteem. Some of these conditions are easily treated with medical procedures, while others can’t be treated.

Another fact about hair loss restoration is that not all of them provide permanent solutions—for example, hair loss medication such as minoxidil (Rogaine). If you suffer from loss of hair, and you start using this drug, you will continue using it for the rest of your life. The reason being that Rogaine is meant to prevent hair loss, not help to grow it. Another method that is not quite effective and doesn’t offer a permanent solution is PRP therapy or platelet-rich plasma. This hair loss treatment involves injecting the scalp with platelet-rich plasma to help generate hair growth. Since the procedure uses a platelet-rich plasma compound from the patient’s blood, the platelet count in the blood will determine its effectiveness. 

Hair Transplant as a Permanent Way to Get Rid of Hair Loss

Hair transplantation is a hair restoration Beverly Hills procedure that involves extracting hair grafts from one area of the scalp to another area where the hair is not growing. Minor surgery is needed in the hair transplant procedure, and the surgeon can use two techniques to transplant hair. The two techniques include FUE and FUT. 

Hair Transplant in FUE Technique

In follicular unit extraction or excision, the patient is given anesthesia before the surgery begins to numb the scalp. This helps to relieve pain during surgery. The surgeon then takes follicles grouped in units and transfers them to another area of the scalp. Two areas of the scalp are involved here; the donor site and the recipient site. The donor area is where hair grafts are harvested, while the receiving area is where the hair is implanted. It is also where the hair isn’t growing. Although the procedure started way back in the 1950s, the only thing that has changed is how it is administered to patients. The surgery usually happens in the operating room at the clinic or at the doctor’s office. 

Hair Transplant in FUSS Technique

In the Fuss (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery ) hair transplant technique, the surgeon performing the surgery uses the same procedure as FUE. The only difference is that instead of using the punching device to extract and implant hair grafts, he cut off follicular units using a scalpel. The grafts are removed from the donor area and transferred to the receiving zone to be implanted. The only issue with this method of treating hair loss is that it leaves visible scars, unlike FUE, which lives in small dots. Both of these methods offer a permanent solution to treat hair loss. 

That’s why many patients suffering from hair loss opt for them. Hair transplant procedure usually takes 4 to 8 hours. However, this will depend on the size of the donor and recipient area. 

Expectations and Recovery After the Hair Transplant Procedure 

When the doctor has performed the surgery, and everything went on well as expected, what follows is recovery and healing. Since both the donor and the receiving areas have wounds, the doctor will prescribe pain-relieving drugs and antibiotics. These medicines help to suppress pain and prevent infections. After three or four days, the patient will be free to head back to his or her usual routine. 


Nobody wants to lose hair, but should the unfortunate happen. You need a permanent way to restore your hair. Although several methods are used to restore hair, Beverly hills hair restoration offers a permanent solution. 

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