Building an Ideal Business Intelligence Team with Google Analytics

Google launched its analytics platforms way back in 2005, and since then, it has been a steady resource for digital marketing, sales and advertising analysts. If you are in Marketing and Sales, getting a handy coaching in Google Analytics data can spell loads of opportunities coming your way during the analytics training course.
Don’t fear if you have more questions than data can answer! You’re not alone.

There has been an age old war between webpage analysts and business intelligence teams over the veracity of website lead conversions and advertising opportunities. For most organizations, Webpage content marketing teams and business intelligence teams coordinate their intentions and action plans by using the results delivered by Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a very popular webpage analytics and content optimization tool, currently offered as part of the Google Marketing Cloud suite (GMC).

In this article, I have pointed to few notable insights on Google Analytics data and how you can use these for better in a top analytics training institute in Bangalore.

Build your GA database

There are many platforms and solutions available in the data management industry that support connections with the Google Analytics database. Business analysts can work with data science and AI ML engineers to carve out GA database to build customized reports and dashboards using powerful Python and R codes. These are created within 30 minutes provided you have the ample experience needed in Data Mining and ETL workflows.

Why experience with Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) Matter to GA analysts?

The importance of GA analysts in any organization can be established from the kind and volume of Google Analytics they handle on a day to day basis. A year’s experience in ETL projects empowers the GA teams to collect, read and process credible raw data from Google Analytics and directly apply these across Marketing, Sales and Advertising platforms that have their own niche technology management stacks to handle. If you are pursuing ETL syllabus along with Big data intelligence from a top analytics training institute in Bangalore, chances are high that you would be more than capable of drawing meaningful inferences from Google Analytics by applying advanced operations like sorting, joining, reformatting, filtering, merging, and aggregation.

A three months training in ETL course lets you work efficiently in GA business intelligence as far as transporting and transforming data in and out of your reporting database are concerned. You can also redesign the GA data warehouse using SQL, to derive the maximum flexibility in querying and data analysis.
By stitching the Google Analytics measurement team with analysts powered by AI and Machine Learning and ETL sciences, you can build the ideal combination for your company.

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