Bringing the right buttress Toilet support for your home improvement

Wall mounted toilets are in every household of the nation. This is because the regulations specify the ability to clean the floors and to adequately use the available toilet space that is designed to hold a weight of 350 pounds. 

Due to the unusual increase in the obesity levels among patients, a huge liability increases on the building owners to install wall mounted toilets that are fit for these patients. Therefore, a specially designed toilets for them are bought in and these are called as the buttress toilets and can handle weight of 1000 lbs. Similarly, buttress Toilet support can be bought in for additional support to the same. Such products carry the necessary hardware to install these under the wall mounted toilet and ensure that the same is safe for use by any person. 

Bringing the right buttress Toilet support

If you are obese patient or have someone in your family who is obese, you need to opt for buttress Toilet support bracket that is actually an adjustable leg that adds to your existing wall mounted toilet and gives it a weight bearing capacity of above 1000 lbs. The same is easy to install and hardly takes beyond half an hour to install and that too without any professional support or having to remove the toilet itself. 

These can fit easily into ADA compliant norms for a standard toilet to protect the obese patients from embarrassment, injuries, etc. Therefore, any person who weighs up to 1000 lbs. to use the above toilet without causing any form of injury or embarrassment. 

Buying right accessories for obese patients

The average height of a toilet is around 15 inches that is quite difficult for people with limited mobility or suffering from obesity to get their needs right. Therefore, using accessories like an extra large toilet seatcan help you to get considerable difference to their needs. These are easy to install and do not require professional expertise or healthcare service providers to get the best results. Similarly, it eliminates the need for undertaking costly repairs and hence fits easily into a standard version with ease. 

Raised toilet seats or specially designed variants are available to ease the process for an obese patient while toilet support brings additional support to the same. Some of these can easily slip on to place while other using accessories like an extra-large toilet seat may need to be lifted for cleaning. For those with mobility issues, top mounted toilets have raised grab bars to ease the process. Thus, if you do not have the existing ones with the grab bars then you may need to buy these separately and install them.  People who experience lower back pain or pain in buttocks during their bowel movements may need to bring in special padded toilet seats to ensure their comfort. However, it is recommended to take help of a professional healthcare service provider or physician for the best results. 

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