Booting a New Business – On the Software Development Highway


Those of us who were born at least before 1970 must have witnessed the dot-com boom of the late 1990s as well as been seen and influenced by the bust that followed soon enough. As the boom began, the media was flooded, day after day, with news of the dream of ties between venture capitalists and young men in their twenties fresh from the university. Girls. The whole dream was woven around what the Internet could do for people like you and me. And when the boom broke, boy! How did it break! A quick rundown of the top ten dotcom companies that grabbed millions of VC dollars and took them down the drain really makes an interesting, if introspective, read.

A few years later, the next generation of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs is once again ready to take the software path. This time, however, they have the power of thought. All of the dotcom stories are now carefully told in the form of case studies and rooted in business college libraries and are available online to browse and unpack lessons. The internet, the backbone on which dot-com companies base their strength, has quietly strengthened since the boom / bust. Newer technologies and new hardware have made the Internet more robust, more reliable and easier to use than ever. Software companies, especially Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and the like, have reshaped their workforce and restructured their products, adapted their business model to make the Internet their center of gravity, and have found much better ways to trade and seek pleasure. The Internet than ever before. Blogs, RSS, merchant accounts, dropshipping, podcasting, AdSense, local online advertising – these are terms invented as a result of creative work by technocrats and smart business people and women like you and me. Marketing channels and consumption strategies creatively benefit from the new interest in computers and the internet, generated by the convenience they bring to everyday life. Entrepreneurs turn to the Internet again in general; especially enterprise app development company as a possible opportunity to build a business and career.

Bridging Entrepreneur gung-ho with software

Despite all the promises of business success and prosperity that Software Business offers, there are still some who find it out of reach. The moment you mention S o f t w a r e, the mind immediately visualizes a group of nerds who furiously hit some thump on their keyboard. Some entrepreneurs simply fail to make the connection between their wealth building capability and software. Which is actually a shame.

The people who come to me for advice on new businesses are always people with great vision and business value. They are people with anchored endurance and resistance to endure the tough and hectic days of scarcity that a career as an entrepreneur always entails. They are people who do not mind getting their hands and feet dirty in the trenches, so they understand the essence of their business. These are the boys and girls for whom the golden cage of a comfortable nine-to-five job makes no sense, and they yearn to fly the sky and test the stamina limits for their wings. The entrepreneurial race is a separate race. And yet, every time I broached the topic of this exciting new opportunity, they were reluctant to think. “But, software business, Sanjay? Isn’t that supposed to be so technical? Can’t you suggest something more conventional? Something that’s within my bounds? Something that doesn’t involve a steep learning curve and where can I invest my time and money and start seeing results in the shortest possible time?

Sigh. Here’s an exciting opportunity: the software company. At the time of writing, Microsoft is launching its most anticipated operating system, Vista, e-commerce is rising to the next highest level of operations, more and more customers are connecting to computers and the Internet, even with Popular stores looking for a piece of the cake. .. And here are these entrepreneurs, the people who can make things happen, the people who have the ability to change the world. And they say, “Tell me about a more conventional business”!

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