Bookshelves for the Bookworm in You!

Do you enjoy reading books? Do you dream about beautiful bookshelves adorning the walls of your home, filled with the lovely volumes of books you have collected over the years? Well, you have come to the right place. A wooden bookshelf can come in handy to keep your books organized so that you can reach for the next book you plan to read. People who are passionate about reading often go through life buying plenty of books.

Unfortunately, this can be a problem if they do not have a bookshelf. Although eBooks are trending currently, physical books that you can hold in our hands and sniff the pages still remain a favourite all over the world. Here are a couple of amazing bookshelf designs to spruce up your home and keep your beloved books safe and organized:

Open Bookshelf

Open bookshelves have been around for centuries. They are a favourite among interior designers and homeowners alike. You can choose any pattern or shape that fits well in your room. Open bookshelves are often customizable. In fact, many parents prefer open bookshelves for their kids, so that there is easy access to books.

Floor Leaning Bookshelf

A Floor Leaning bookshelf is one of the latest bookshelf designs to become very popular. It is a contemporary style that goes with any décor. You can also make it a bit more stylish by placing a plant or two as well on the shelf for a splash of colour.

Classic White Bookshelf

If you are a fan of minimalism, you will enjoy class white bookshelves with straight lines and clean edges. In fact, some people place classic white bookshelves along an entire wall to organize their huge book collection.

Cubical Bookshelf

The latest trend in bookshelves is geometrical shapes and patterns. A mix of different shapes and sizes are put together to create a unique looking bookshelf. They make a statement and are also a great way to display all of your favourite books. Cubical bookshelves also go a long way in breaking up the monotony of the room decor. Choosing a quality wooden bookshelf from top manufacturers like Wakefit is the best way to keep your books organized.

Wall-Mounted Bookshelf

Wall-mounted bookshelves are a huge space saver. It gives you plenty of options to store your books without taking up too much space in your home. Wall-mounted bookshelves are easy to install and also affordable as well.

Closed Showcases

If you are concerned about your books collecting dust in open bookshelves, Closed bookshelves are your best option. You can opt for the ones with glass doors so that you can see your precious books, yet make sure that they stay protected from dust.

Vintage Bookshelf

If your home has traditional décor, a Vintage bookshelf wooden would do wonders. It can add that elegant touch to your room. If you are on a small budget, you can go hunting at thrift stores and flea markets for vintage bookshelves and spruce it up a bit.

Rustic Bookshelf

A rustic bookshelf adds plenty of drama to a room. You can add additional accessories to the bookshelf besides books to give it more personality. Any knick-knacks that you have collected during your travels, a family photo, an interesting bookend, and so on are all interesting things you can add to the bookshelf.

Corner Bookshelf

If you do not have empty wall spaces to place a bookshelf, you can opt for corner bookshelves. They help save space and yet display books in an attractive manner.

Floating Bookshelf

If you don’t have too many books, a floating bookshelf can come in handy. They appear to drift mid-air while supporting your books. You can place them in strategic locations to make your room appear more interesting.

Tree Bookshelf

The tree bookshelf is one of the most creative designs in recent history. The bookshelf is in the shape of a tree with different branches that extend out to support and display your books. You can have them customized as per the wall space available and the size of your room.

Pull-out Bookshelf 

If you do not like other people eyeing your bookshelf and borrowing books from you, the pull-out Bookshelf is the solution. You can pull it out when you want to peruse through your collection and have it hidden out of sight once you are done. In any case, any bookshelf is a wonderful addition to a home. You get to display all the books you have enjoyed reading as well as the ones you plan to read. All things considered, having a wonderful collection of books at home is a great way to encourage the entire family to read more and spend less time on their devices. With so many bookshelf design options you are absolutely spoilt for choice! So get cracking and pick out a wonderful bookshelf for home.

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