Blogging Ideas for Your Start-up

The blog is one of the most effective tools to nurture your target audience and drive more sales. Despite having attractive web pages, you should have a blog section to educate your users. The more information you provide, the more leads will be generated. When you start your own business, you do not have a myriad of blog post ideas.

For instance, if you are offering financial products, you can create blogs to cover topics like how to get rid of debt, what to look for before applying for business start-up loans, which debt repayment method is better: debt avalanche or debt snowball, and so on. To get it off the ground, such ideas are mind-blowing, but after a certain period, you will feel like running low on blog post ideas.

Since blogging helps you drive sales, you cannot stop it. You will need more topics to create content around. Here are some blog post ideas for your new start-up. Try to create content around such topics and see the result.

Current trends/latest news/viral articles

Some business niches offer a broad scope to cover trends. If you are offering financial products, it will be an excellent choice to share the latest news with your target audience. People are generally interested to know about the latest base rate, mortgage industry, lending policy, and the like.

If you share what is happening in the industry, you will have more traffic to your blog. It is not necessary that you need to just focus on what is happening. You can discuss predictions based on the current market scenario. For instance, you can tell your users how the mortgage industry is going to evolve in 2021 after the pandemic.

Case studies

If you want to pitch a client, you will have to tell them it is worth investing in your products and services, and here comes in case studies. It is a great way to show your users how your product or service benefits them.

Case studies revolve around the real experience of a person. When your users come to know about the benefits of your products and services from the mouth of one of your customers, they believe in your products more than before.

To generate a compelling case study, you need to choose a use smartly, and you will have to offer them something in exchange for it like free shopping next time worth £200.

Write how-to posts

One of the significant goals of writing blog posts is educating users. When it is about the promotion of your product – how it works or how it benefits – you will create a web page. When it is about informing users, you will develop blogs. For instance, if you offer credit card deals, you can just list out the benefits of credit cards you are offering, but your blog will cover a broader aspect.

When it comes to educating your users, you should create how-to blog posts, for instance, how to get the best credit card deals, how to qualify for a loan at better interest rates if I need money now, and so forth. The how-to format gives answers to their problems, and hence it is the best way to attract them.

Share videos

Blog post ideas do not need to be limited to the text format. Nowadays, people prefer to watch content for reading plain text. Along with providing textual information, you should share how-to videos.

This will clearly help your users understand how they should use a particular product or service and how it can benefit them. You can also use a video format to share the success story of one of your customers and relate it to your product or service.

Write what-not-to-do posts

What-not-to-do blog posts cover the biggest mistakes you should avoid while doing something. It is also a great way to educate your users that they should not throw caution to the wind. For instance, being a seller of financial products, you can cover various topics like mistakes that you should avoid consolidating your debt, essential things to be careful about while deciding on a debt repayment method, and so on. Such kind of posts can help you unravel a myriad of topics from the one you have already covered.

Post an interview of an influential person

An Interview of an influential person in your industry is a great way to provide value to your target audience. Ask them to share some tips and strategies that will increase the confidence and trust of your users about your brand. If you have a start-up, you will need to create blogs and that do not need to be plain text. You should choose how-to topics, case studies, interview of an expert, current trends, and what-not-to-do posts. There are various other ways to create blog posts too. So, when are you creating a content calendar for your blog post strategy?

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