Bits From Online Carbide, a Solid Carbide Drill Manufacturer

When it comes to machining parts, especially from harder materials like steel, your drill bits can take a real beating. Getting your tools from a carbide drill manufacturer like Online Carbide will help ensure that your drill bits will last as long as possible before losing their sharp edges. Carbide is the ideal material for high speed cutters and investing in high quality drill bits will help your shop avoid the issues that come with expected tool failure.

Carbide is a composite material that has several advantages over conventional metal tool stock. A lot of people assume carbide is a metal but it is actually a combination of ceramic carbide and a metal binding material. The metal helps provide some flexibility and strength, while the carbide ceramic helps provide incredible density and edge retention. Unlike tools created from steel alloys like high speed steel, carbide tools will not lose their temper, even at extremely high operating temperatures.

Of course, the quality of carbide tool stock can vary significantly. A lot of machine shops end up purchasing cheap carbide bits from overseas and are surprised when they quickly dull and break after light use. Online Carbide is an American carbide drill manufacturer that creates precision drill bits and end mills using high quality carbide tool stock.

Buying from an American manufacturer, while slightly more expensive than tools from overseas, comes with several advantages. Not only are American made tools manufactured with higher quality standards, but it’s easier to reach the manufacturer if you encounter any issues.

Online Carbide only sells their tools directly to consumers so you don’t have to worry about dealing with middlemen and price hikes. Every tool they offer is available at manufacturer direct prices so you can always buy with confidence and know that you’re getting the best deal that they offer. They also carry a wide range of drill bits so you can produce flawless holes with confidence.

Drilling with a milling machine can be a pretty complicated process. In some cases as many as three drill bits have to be used in order to produce a truly accurate hole. This is because long tools like drill bits tend to naturally oscillate at high speeds, making it possible for them to deflect off the surface of your workpiece and “walk” off their mark.

In order to avoid this, it is important to use a combination of spot drills and traditional twist drill bits. Spotting creates a small dimple on the surface of the workpiece using a short rigid drill that is only fluted for cutting on the point of the bit. As long as the tip angle of the spot drill is equal to or wider than your twist bit, the bit should be able to sit perfectly. Online Carbide has multiple spot drill sizes as well as stub and jobber length twist drill bits.

So if you are tired of having your metal drill bits wear out on you, it’s time to invest in tools from a carbide drill manufacturer. Their tools can help your shop produce clean and accurate holes thanks to the rigidity and strength that comes with carbide. Visit to see their full selection of solid carbide drill bits and end mills so you can find all of the tools you need.

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