BitDNS protects your privacy

When you open shopping software and find out that most of the pages include recently products which were searched or browsed before.

For ex:  If you will read health info through the APP, right after that you will start to receive advertisements and items related to health info.

There are also cases like:

You, as a member, buy the item in the same store on a shopping platform at a higher price than those who are not members.

The case above can identified as big data.

Tech giants have already hijacked the internet

With the rapid development of information technology and the widespread application of big data technology, algorithm recommendation technology is bringing people into the era of personalized, customized, and intelligent data. Industry giants with massive user data use artificial intelligence analysis and filtering mechanisms to conduct in-depth analysis of massive data, and then find out what is more suitable for you, that is why it seems like the platform knows everything better than you.

Currently big companies like Google, Facebook, Tencent, Alibaba, control massive amounts of user’s data. Their applications efficiently collect data and then store it. Any break from centralized cloud server can cause enterprises and ordinary users face the risk of leakage. The Internet is no longer belonging to ordinary people, but belongs to the technology giants.

BitDNS wants to break the data monopoly of technology giants

As we all know, the massive data is mainly stored on their own centralized cloud servers. With the advent of the data age, more and more data are continuously generated, and this will lead to increase the control of data the technology giants. It has become the mission of many industry practitioners to store user’s peripheral information and data in a personalized database, and to have full management and processing rights over user’s information and data.

As the first promoter of Dweb4.0 technology, BitDNS proposed the concept of “decentralized cloud computing platform”. We believe that Dweb4.0 is a new stage of Internet development and a decentralized Internet form. It can be seen as a combination and upgrade of web3.0 and DWeb, which guarantees decentralization in a complete sense, but also implements the scene.

BitDNS wants to achieve a decentralized cloud computing platform that has a large number of decentralized servers. These servers won’t serve for the consensus and transaction execution services of the basic chain. It mainly serves for upper-layer applications such as DApp. It can replace the cloud server currently used extensively by DApp. In BitDNS’s vision, massive amounts of data will be stored in distributed servers. In this case no organization can obtain users’ complete information data except for the users themselves. Users’ information and data will be truly in their own hands, breaking the root cause of technology giants’ data monopoly.

Data should be private, safe and secure

Data is an asset. The future world will be a digital information world. With the advent of emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, people’s lives will become more and more digitized. From autonomous driving to VR online meetings, people’s daily data will increase. In the past, important were stored in banks’ databases or medical institutions’ files, but in the future, these important data will be stored in the Internet.

In the era huge data, there is no need your surrounding information data in your own database is the core of the strategic development of the Internet in the future and the original intention of the Internet.

A few years ago, an Alibaba Cloud programmer said with pride in an interview, “We are now able to make the Taobao interface of hundreds of millions people data, and it can be updated almost in seconds.

It’s time to say no to big data!

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