Better Than a Goodman 4 Ton Air Handler: Getting into Specifics

For the most part, air handlers have one of the most straightforward jobs in the entire world of HVAC. There are plenty of questions surrounding the operation and maintenance of different heating and cooling; for example, how exactly does a heat pump heat air up or cool it down. From that one microcosmic question many more might arise.

That aside, though, the air handler of a system has a relatively straightforward position. Your air handler, if you have one, handles the air. That is, it is responsible for the circulation of air. Whereas an air conditioning system might be rated in tons, the same as an air handler, the tonnage of an air conditioner is the mass of air that an air conditioner can cool, where an air handler’s tonnage is how much air it can circulate.

If you’re looking for a Goodman 4 ton air handler to improve the current functionality of your HVAC system or to upgrade an ailing system, we have a potentially better solution: a Goodman 5 ton air handler, such as the model we’re going to investigate. Available at Budget Air Supply, it is superior in power to a 4 ton unit and comes with a lot of structural and operational advantages.

The Goodman ARUF 61D14 5 Ton Air Handler is built from an amalgamation of old models but includes new and improved components. Built around the SmartFrame Substructure which makes the entire unit not only stronger but more capable, this air handler is one for the books, or for your HVAC system.

This new SmartFrame Substructure, by the way, doesn’t just make the whole cabinet stronger and more secure. It also adds mounting locations and improves the insulation of the model overall, so this new and improved design is something to keep your eye on. The structure itself also cuts back on the number of screws that the unit requires, which is great for a number of reasons. Most notably, it is a simpler, stronger design with fewer joined parts – but the reduction in screws gives less harbor to condensation and therefore minimizes the risk of corrosion.

This Goodman air handler also comes with a direct-drive, multi-speed motor. This multi-position motor is capable of upflow, downflow and two way horizontal flow, which is a bonus for horizontal units. The variable speed motor not only improves the energy efficiency of the unit, but the entire system is designed for high efficiency and convenience.

The system is easy to configure and set up. It has an all aluminum evaporator coil and a coil mounting track inside for quick adjustments and positioning; the filter access also requires no tool for installation, replacement or adjustment. The unit is even compatible with a UV bulb to improve your sanitation procedures, whatever they may be.

If you like the sound of this but you need to learn more before you commit to a purchase, then get in touch with the professionals at Budget Air Supply, where, as mentioned, you can also find this unit. They will be able to teach you plenty more about the features of this unit, as well as if it is a fitting replacement for a Goodman 4 ton air handler, given your unique set of conditions.

Beyond that, there are some more bonuses associated with working with Budget Air Supply in addition to their excellent customer service. For one, they can secure you the best possible prices on all of their HVAC systems and components, and all of their products get free shipping as well. You shouldn’t need much more convincing than that, but if you do, get in touch with them today and and we’re sure you’ll find everything you need to make the right decision.

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