Best Tips and Tricks to Design an Outstanding Memes that Grabs Everyone’s Attention

Designing a meme is not a simple job and means something more fragile than just designing a social media post. Memes demand your complete attention with a one-off idea that makes sense as well as hilarious to your audience. No matter whether you use paint or Photoshop tool, you need to bring out the humor in your meme. 

According to an article published on BBC, Chloe and Gavin made their debut in the meme landscape in the year 2013, and stand the test of time. If you see Chloe’s disturbed facial expression is relatable when a person you hate sits adjacent to you. 

Here are some of the best tips to create outstanding memes grab audience attention: 

Focus on trends and references

When we talk about trends and references, we imply research. You are fanatic about the methods of research because it helps. Therefore, when you are looking for a meme trend, you need not search Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Visit platforms like Reddit and study the various meme topics. You will find some great stuff and the original memes before they become viral on the web. 

You must be clever

A meme may appear meaningless. However, it is a tricky aspect for people who do not pay much attention to the humor. When you plan to design a meme, you must know the trend as well as accept all details related to that trend. Study data and figure what people think about the trend, the facts, and things like that. 

Else, your meme will end up looking lame, stupid, and not at all humorous or funny. As far as humorists are concerned, they create memes meticulously and you need to follow suit. For more meme ideas, you can look up Meme Scout and similar websites for some more inspiration. 

Best Tips and Tricks to Design an Outstanding Memes that Grabs Everyone’s Attention

Make humor appeal to all 

When it comes to social media, you will find an audience for all things, however, people do not remember this when they create memes, as they take it personally. Think and decide what type of memes you would like to see. Do not just create a meme just because it is a trend without understanding the trend, what it means. 

If you cannot bring out the humor through a meme, stop creating one. An unfunny meme is not a trendsetter. 

Use quality images for memes

Many think that a meme is a funny image and quality does not count. On the contrary, it matters a lot. Did you know that frame of the meme image makes much sense? Your meme could have a big, square frame. All things in the meme including the character and text communicate a message, joke, or even sarcasm. The absence of anything also communicates something. Therefore, always use a top-quality image for your meme to appeal to your audience. 

A meme must work for your brand 

Many marketers follow a trend in hurry and end up creating a meme that does not match with their brand. Business culture and visual branding matter in meme creation. Following a trend is fine but that is not all. 


Use these tips to create awesome memes that make sense and they have humor in them. Make sure memes do not adversely affect your brand.

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