Best Quran Gift For Muslim Believers

Best Quran Gift For Muslim Believers

Quran and the teachings contained therein are one of the most important sources of knowledge for all believers. Hence, you must give the best gift to a Muslim loved one that reflects your love and concern for him or her. If you are a Muslim and if you have a family member living in the west and if you want to send him or her a gift, then it would be beneficial for you to get a proper idea about the available gift ideas for Muslim loved ones.

There is no single best gift for a Muslim person. Every Muslim is different and so is his or her religion. Therefore, when you are selecting the gift for someone in this faith, you should choose something that truly suits his or her personality and lifestyle. It is advisable that you should know the person well before you make any decision. The personalised gift will certainly go a long way in expressing your deep appreciation for him or her.

One of the best items that you can gift a Muslim is a book written by a scholar of the language. The scholars are highly qualified people who have made their reputation as experts on various subjects related to the faith. If you wish to purchase such a book, you must know that the price of such a book is quite high. However, the scholars will definitely appreciate your gesture of sending him or her such a valuable book. In fact, many scholars are extremely excited to receive a copy of a verse from the Quran gift. Hence, you can gift such as a book from your side.

Another best item is a DVD with a collection of traditional Muslim movies. This DVD can be played by the whole family. The good thing about this DVD is that it is a complete collection of movies. No matter whether you like the movie or not, you will love the DVD. This is the same with the Quran DVDs.

Books like the Bible, the Koran and the works of other authors will always be a favourite with people. If you wish to purchase such books, you must make sure that you are purchasing from an authenticated book store. You should buy from a store that ensures that the books are printed using quality paper and the pages are well secured.

A beautiful work of art like a greeting card will always be appreciated by a person. Hence, you can gift such a card to a person. A person does not even have to buy this card. You can simply gift it through an internet transaction. An online store will offer you a great deal if you order the card in bulk.

Muslim fashion is also widely admired by the western world. This includes Islamic clothes. Women mostly wear the tartan which is a loose piece of clothing and it covers their entire body. You can also find men wearing kaftans. However, men’s outfits differ in colour and fabric so you must purchase such clothes from an authentic store.

Islamic books can also be considered as the best choice. There are hundreds of books available in the market. You should make sure that you purchase the right kind of book. Some of the famous authors include the following – Abubaker al-Rabie, Ahmed Deen Chishti, Ahmed Deen, Shah Wali Allah Dehalvi, Shah Wali Allah Al-Husseini and Mustafa Akyaz.

Reading of the Quran in Arabic language is a great way to learn about the religion. You can go for the traditional method of reading the holy Quran through reciting it while standing or sitting. However, modern devices like the mobile phones can help you out in this regard. You can purchase a version of the holy Quran which is in digital format and can be read using your cell phone. The digital version can be loaded onto the phone memory and can be used to read the Quran.

One of the best forms of gift is the Islamic art of calligraphy. There are many books available which contain a set of beautiful calligraphic created by famous Calligraphers. These exquisite works can also be made into a Muslim manuscript. You can gift this manuscript to someone who loves Arabic literature and who uses calligraphy extensively.

An online store dealing with Muslim stuff will be the best place to order for these traditional Islamic gifts. You can order for the best Quran if you want to for your beloved person to keep for many years. This book teaches Muslims how to pray, practices their spiritual principles and gives knowledge about their holy books. It teaches how to read the Quran and become a true prophet (Muhiyid). You can purchase this book at an affordable rate from an online store. A printed copy can cost much more than an online order.

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