Best Personal Loan Apps in India

Personal loans are undoubtedly one of the best options when it comes to seeking financial aid for any emergency. It can be clearing other debts or using the money for purchasing necessities. And when you use an instant loan app for availing a personal loan, it adds the cherry on top of the cake.

Loan lending apps are gradually changing the way customers can avail a loan. By combining technology and service, these applications are providing people convenience at their doors. With minimum documentation, no need for visiting the financial institution and 24/7 availability, it is becoming impossible to imagine the world without loan lending apps.

If you’re in urgent need of a personal loan and don’t know which apps to rely on, do not worry for we have jotted down the best personal loan apps for you!

Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Bajaj Finserv App

One of the best options for benefiting from a personal loan, Bajaj Finserv App “brings smart financing to your fingertips”. Quite simple to use, it integrates all your financial data into one place, making it easier for you to track your transactions, calculate EMIs, figure out how much debt needs to be cleared, remember repayment dates, etc. 

Key Features:

  • You can avail a loan up to 25 lakhs.
  • Flexible repayment tenure: one to five years
  • Personal loan app that offers affordable interest rates
  • No collateral required
  • Instant approval
  • Monitoring and keep a log of your activities
  • Get a loan from anywhere, at anytime
  • 24/7 availability
  1. MoneyTap

MoneyTap is another instant loan app which offers a remarkable unique feature to its customers: no-usage-no-interest. It means that if you have taken a loan of INR 5 lakhs from the app and have used only INR 1 lakh out of it, the interest would be charged on the amount used, and not the entire sum!

Key Features:

  • You can avail a loan ranging from INR 3000 to 5 lakhs.
  • Loan repayment tenure ranges from two months to three years
  • Instant approval
  • No collateral required
  1. PaySense

The next best loan app is PaySense which lets you take a loan in three quick steps:

  • Check eligibility and select a loan plan
  • Upload KYC documents
  • Get your loan amount

Available in more than 43 cities in India, PaySense is rapidly becoming popular amongst people in need of immediate financial aid.

Key Features:

  • An Online loan app which provides personal, vehicle, consumer loans as well as others for marriage, travel, medical emergency and home improvement.
  • Approval within five hours
  • Loan availability to customers with zero credit history as well
  • Permits subsequent loans
  1. Credy

Credy is another fantastic option to choose under the online loan app category for availing instant loans within a minute. One of the fastest loan lending apps in India, Credy, is a brilliant choice for customers wanting to have their loan money in their accounts within 24 hours of applying.

Key Features:

  • Transparent and affordable interest rates
  • Tracking facility available
  • Robust customer support
  • Bonuses and offers
  • Scofit available for checking and maintaining your credit score
  • Grants personal loans to help you with education, advanced salaries and other emergencies
  1. KreditBee

With over 2 million satisfied customers and excellent feedback, KreditBee is a loan app which provides mainly three types of loans, namely:

  • Flexi Personal Loan- loan for unemployed people up to INR 50,000
  • Personal Loan for Salaried- loan for people having a stable income, up to 2 lakhs
  • Online Purchase Loan- shop through KreditBee EMIs on partnered platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, etc.

Key Features:

  • 100% online process
  • Loans ranging from INR 1000 to 2 lakhs
  • Money in your account within 15 minutes
  • Minimum paperwork
  • E-vouchers
  • Repayment tenure ranges from 62 days to 15 months


Loan lending apps provide an exceptionally great approach towards money borrowing and tracking your repayments timely to prevent unsettled debts later on. The apps mentioned above are platforms highly safe and reliable, eliminating the fear of your details being exposed to unauthorised people. 

All of them offer instant loans at affordable interest rates, each with their unique features which suit different requirements of different people. Hence, visit each application for understanding them in detail and then decide.

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