Best locations in NYC for a pottery studio

Having your own business in a city such as New York is great. This is because there are a lot of people living in NYC and a lot of people visiting NYC every day. This means that your business has the ability to grow and develop. The best thing is the fact that the word spreads fast in New York City which is also a factor why there are so many successful businesses here. And one of the best types of businesses to have in NYC is something creative, relaxing, and social. And a pottery studio is just that. Making pottery makes you more creative, you develop a skill. It is also very relaxing and calming which is just what a person that lives in NYC needs. But you have to make sure that this pottery studio of yours is located in a good part of the city. Read here about some of the best locations in NYC for a pottery studio.

Red Hook

As this is an artistic business, we want to suggest Red Hook as one of the best locations in NYC for a pottery studio as this is an artistic neighborhood. This is a waterfront neighborhood with an amazing view of the Statue of Liberty.

Although there isn’t a direct subway line to Red Hook, there are still plenty of artists roaming through the streets of Red Hook. This is because one of the biggest art centers in NYC is located just here – Pioneer Works. This is a 25,000-square-foot center where you can find artist studios, exhibition and performance space, a science lab, and a recording studio all in one. can help you relocate your already-existing business to Red Hook easily.

Sunset Park

Another waterfront location for your pottery studio is in Sunset Park. Sunset Park is located close to Manhattan which is a huge plus. But this isn’t what makes this neighborhood suitable for your pottery studio. It is the fact that this neighborhood attracts a lot of artists as here is where you can find a six-million-square-foot industrial complex where around 400 companies are located. Industry City is the name of this complex and your pottery studio can be among the rest of the businesses here.

Sunset Park is also where you can find climate-controlled storage units which are a necessary part of every pottery studio business. Especially when moving. Renting out extra space to keep sensitive items during the process is the best thing to do.

More neighborhoods to consider

Red Hook and Sunset Park are just two locations in NYC for a pottery studio, but there are more. New York City is a very popular place to reside and a lot of people move to NYC all the time, with and without businesses. Consider moving your business to:

  • Bushwick/Ridgewood
  • Washington Heights
  • East Harlem
  • Chelsea
  • Astoria
  • SoHo
  • Upper West Side.

There are hundreds of neighborhoods across NYC but I believe that these ones are surely the best among all for opening a pottery studio.

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