Best Home Alarm: know the different types of home burglars

Theft, an increasingly common event that does not allow us to leave home safely. Therefore, we bring you this article so that you know the different types of assailants that you can find, as well as information to be able to hire the best home alarm and feel safe every time you leave your home.

The best way to combat these criminals is definitely hiring a security system. These systems will make the task more difficult for those who try to enter your property.

To get an idea, the number of robberies in United State has decreased by 1.48 percent  compared to previous years. In 2019, 111,908 have been registered; It may seem like a high figure, but thanks to security systems this number has decreased in recent years.

Types of thieves

Each thief has his modus operandi. Therefore, we mention the five main types of assailants so that you can identify them and use the best method to avoid them.


These types of thieves always take any opportunity to steal. You can leave your door unlocked or a window open, and they take the slightest opportunity to enter. Normally they steal the things that are in their path, since they do not know what is on the property (they do not study the terrain before) and all they want is to get out of the place quickly with whatever loot.


They are quite desperate. They are usually looking for money or items that they can sell or trade for quick cash . They are unaware of the things of value on the property and take what they think they can easily exchange for cash. Due to all these characteristics, it is possible that sometimes they keep things with less value than others and they do not mind searching the whole house if necessary.


These types of criminals are much more sophisticated . They take the time to monitor the property and locate the points through which they can easily enter, as well as the hours when you leave the house and it is completely alone. They are more organized and patient  in order to obtain more profit when carrying out the robbery. They also usually have a special transport to move stolen objects.

Direct or directed

These thieves are directly focused on stealing items with a specific value . They are the ones who were previously marauders and locate a valuable object in a house. They do their best to obtain this good and can hire a team of criminals to accomplish this goal without any mistake. They associate with people who buy stolen things and get a good amount of money from the exchange.


These types of thieves are usually the most complete . They gather characteristics of the last thieves that we mentioned. They act when the house is completely empty, since they have previously studied each action of the owners.

It is important not to make the task of thieves easier, such as leaving the keys under a carpet or a flowerpot near the door; these places are predictable and only make it easier for thieves.

Due to the degree of insecurity that exists, choosing the best home alarm is a priority. It is recommended to have quality and proven security alarms.

Many people consider having a system too expensive or an unnecessary expense; however, it is possible to get good gear suitable for your pocket. Keep in mind that you will leave the alarm activated when you are not at home and this will give you and your whole family peace of mind; systems have immediate assistance , so thieves will think twice before entering your home.

If we have home alarm systems in Chicago we are protecting our property and our families from possible intruders.

In Getstealth you can make a comparison to find the best offer to keep your home or business protected, taking into account all the characteristics of the home. The comparison is free, don’t wait any longer!

Remember that your safety and that of your family is priceless, and all precautions are little when it comes to maintaining peace of mind. According to your needs, the Alarms Advisory system comparative   will allow you to find the best option.

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