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We’re presenting a total list on the Greatest Builds for all ESO classes. In Elder Scrolls Online, Classes figure out the role of your character inside your party and impose a distinct playstyle. Although all the Classes in ESO possess a set of restricted skills, the majority of them may be played in different ways, as numerous aspects of the character are determined by the gear you are using and by way of Champion Points distribution.


Dragonknight is often a melee class in Elder Scrolls Online. It bears the closest resemblance to a classic Warrior out of all readily available classes in the game. Thanks to the addition of effective Fire-based spells in Dragonknights’ disposal, they can be potent spellcasters or help characters also.

Part: Tank, DPS (melee, spellcaster), Assistance

Talent Trees:

Ardent Flame: Fire spells, DoT, crowd control

Draconic Power: AoE attacks and spells, defensive expertise

Earthen Heart: defensive abilities which raise damage mitigation and your Life. Also offers expertise that enable with self-sustain and self-healing.


Nightblade can be a melee damage-dealing Class. Nightblades are primarily oriented on using fast one-handed weapons and stealth tactics to quickly take down enemies in each PvE and PvP fights. Nightblade Class also offers a very high healing potential for both Dungeons and Trials

Part: DPS, Healer

Talent Trees:

Assassination: Nightblade’s primary line for direct DPS. It can be oriented on melee damage, dual-wielding, and mobility capabilities

Shadow: offers AoE DPS, self-sustain, and crowd-control

Siphoning: help and DoT DPS line. Siphoning is the primary Tree for healers


Sorcerer is a classic spellcaster Class. Sorcerers offer you a wide variety of highly effective damaging spells which consist of hurling bolts of lightning, building tornadoes and summoning Daedric creatures for your help.

Function: DPS, Healer, Help

Ability Trees:

Daedric Summoning: primarily oriented about DPS skills primarily based on summoning minions. A few of the pets also present many crowd-control effects

Dark Magic: mainly assistance and healing skills. Buffs, debuffs, and crowd-control spells

Storm Calling: the strongest DPS line for Sorcerers. Offer higher burst damaging spells and the greatest AoE spells


Templar is a defensive form of character. Templar can be a knight which uses holy spells to aid himself and his allies in battle. Templar will be the most versatile Class in Elder Scrolls Online, which is often used as an incredibly strong tank, damage-dealer, help character, and is broadly thought of the best healing Class inside the game.

Part: Healer, Help, Tank, DPS

Skill Trees:

Aedric Spear – DPS line which relies on dealing higher magic damage for your targets

Dawn’s Warth – mainly support line, with effective burst damage spells

Restoring Light – right here you will discover numerous defensive and healing spells. This line is mainly utilized by tanks and healers


Wardens harness the vast power of nature to shield life (and properly, destroy enemies). Warden has potent frost spells at his disposal and can summon animals to his aid. Warden is really a versatile class which is often played in a variety of strategies. They may be well-suited for all 3 significant roles in ESO

Function: Tank, Healer, DPS

Talent Trees:

Winter’s Embrace – Tank line, oriented about frost defensive and utility spells

Green Balance – the line you’ll focus on when developing a Warden healer character

Animal Companions – DPS Tree that is based on potent spells that contact forth animals to deal magic and poison damage to your enemies


Necromancer is going to become a new playable class in ESO when Elsweyr expansion launches on June 4th, 2019. We will be certain to add Necromancer builds as quickly as possible!

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