Best Digital Marketing Strategy for A Mobile App in 2021

About digital marketing, it is a way to promote products or brands using electronic devices or the internet. Plus, for promotion purposes small to medium or even large businesses utilize various digital marketing strategies. A mobile app development company in Dubai claims that digital marketing basically uses multiple channels and technologies in order to make aware the brands of what strategy is working for them in real-time and what not. Simply put, it is capable to analyze campaigns, content, and certain strategies and their outcomes.

Why Digital Marketing Strategy Is Important for Mobile App development?

When it comes to market a mobile app, there should be specific digital marketing strategies involved. As all the business statures know that a strategic marketing plan for mobile apps can only work to stand out in the app market where competition is fierce. Reaching out the smartphone users and making them aware of your mobile app development is the most important reason.

The mobile app arena is huge where so many apps rolling already in the market. In this situation, there is a high risk that the users may bypass your mobile app without noticing it. Your hard work can only pay off when your targeted audience knows your existence.

Effective marketing of mobile apps leads to targeting the right audience, pitching them, communicating them, and analyzing them in terms of in-app behavior. Such analytics are quite crucial for evaluating the performance and assist to move forward for continuous improvements. Resultantly, users’ acquisition funnel reaches to success.

Eventually, the mobile app marketing serves the aim to acquire the users, maintain the thread of engagement, and make the customers the loyal advocates of your services or products.  

Essential Marketing Strategies for Mobile App development:

We will discuss some helpful strategies that will drive your business’ growth.

  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Paid Marketing Strategy
  • ASO (App Store Optimization)
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing Strategy

1- Content Marketing Strategy:

If you want to grab the attention of your targeted audience, then write blogs before launching the mobile app. It is good to notify your audience about what you are going to release and what features are included in that app. Showcase the app features in form of screenshots, short videos, and engage well with the audience. 

It will garner exclusive benefits. For instance:

  • Brand awareness.
  • Drive traffic.
  • Great chances of conversions.
  • Create a trustful environment.

2- Paid Marketing Strategy: 

The next step after launching the app is rolling out the paid ads on different social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and others. As you want new users to download the app, you should run google ads or social media ads accordingly. Ads are another best way for user acquisition. Strategize your advertisement policy while keeping in view the demography and select social platforms accordingly. In this regard, LinkedIn and Google Search ads proved more effective for targeting the specific audience.

3- App Store Optimization (ASO) Strategy:  

App store optimization strategy refers to the optimization of an app on the App Store page to get a higher rank in search results that wins a higher rate of conversion. ASO is a key resource in mobile marketing strategies since it garners organic traffic and contributes in lowing the User Acquisition (UA) costs.

For this purpose, the keyword is a game-changer, once your app gets ranked for a certain keyword, this will continue for months. Your maximum visibility to the potential users will unfold a plethora of benefits, for instance, maximum downloads translate into more revenue.

5-Social Media Marketing Strategy:

Due to the maximum usage of social media, it becomes crucial for marketers to utilize such mediums to promote the newly launched mobile app. It is a smart move to raise awareness among the people about your mobile app. For this, you must post frequently across your targeted social media channels. Social media is a platform, where you can build a community and a way to attain feedback from the users in return. 

Through market research, you can discover what content you should put on your social media channels. However, focus on user-generated content. You can add blogs or discussion threads. The right channel can garner maximum traffic at the end. 

6- Email Marketing Strategy:

A mailing list is beneficial if you want to keep your audience regularly updated. Shoot a good email marketing campaign, in which you update the audience about your mobile app or other related promotions. This is an effective strategy for attaining an increased retention rate and high ROI. Email marketing is considered as the prime drive used by small to midsize business and startups as well.

According to Emarsys, 81% of the SMEs and startups depend on emails for the sake of user acquisition and 80% practice marketing campaigns for retention. It is a great way to offer unique benefits to your most loyal users.

In your email marketing campaign, CTA is a critical element that helps to increase the clicks more than five times. According to HubSpot, the personalized CTAs outperformed as compare to primary CTAs.

7- Influencer MarketingStrategy:

Influencer marketing is another form of social media marketing. However, in this marketing drive, use of influencers are included to reach the new users for promoting the brands. 90% of shoppers indeed want authenticity before coming on a decision. 2020 is recorded with the 65% increased revenue generated by the influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is a new phenomenon, with that maximum marketing goals are achievable. It is a cost-effective way to reach the audience. You will find influencer marketing as a great way to introduce the functionality of your app to the users.


As far as the nature of digital marketing is concerned, the trends continuously evolve. As the best eCommerce development company in Dubai, states by keeping in view, the ongoing trends, you should update your marketing strategies.    

The above discussed online marketing strategies are highly effective for marketing purpose of a mobile app. What you need to do is to focus on real-time data that what strategy is working for you and what not.

2021 will open with new trends, and accordingly, marketers will have to rethink funnel marketing strategies with the intent of marketizing mobile apps for more favorable outcomes.

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