Bespoke Software Development Vs Off-the-shelf-which One Is Best?

When it comes to one’s business nothing less than the best would suffice. But every successful business comes to a point where it needs to decide between a bespoke software catering to your every need or an off the shelf software that can come with a variety of features that are the closest to what you want.

Below we go in-depth about why you should go for either an Off-the-shelf software. We hope that with the points we have listed you will be able to identify what fits your needs the best.

Off-the-Shelf Software

There are several reasons why one may choose this over hiring a bespoke software development team to make a software:

  • Lower Costs
  • Implementation Time
  • What the company needs
  • Requirements
  • Community

1. Lower Costs

Any software that can be bought off-the-shelf will be cheaper to the myriad of bespoke software solutions offered by several companies. It is also because the cost of development is split between the end users instead of you paying for its development exclusively.

2. Implementation Time

They are very easily incorporated into the company as all you need to do is buy the software and install it. It means that you won’t be wasting time in debugging and troubleshooting the software.

3. What the Company Needs

In most cases, all your needs can be satiated with off-the-shelf software if you do your market research extensively. Not every company needs bespoke software development to cater to their needs; sometimes a generic software also does the trick.

4. Requirements

If your company is new in the game and you still haven’t decided what your companies end goal is, it is better to start with generic, off-the-shelf software. It will allow you to prioritise what kind of software you need and what functions you need to add or discard.

It will help you while you search for bespoke software solutions later.

5. Community

A significant advantage of generic software is that it is already in use in the industry. If you ever run into problems, then the already existing user can guide and help you with your questions. You can get instant support for your issues and solutions from more experienced users.

Custom Software and its advantages

Here is a list of reasons why a Custom software may be more suited for you

  • Integration
  • Demand
  • Scalability
  • Maintenance
  • Efficient Size
  • Product Quality

1. Integration

With big data and other related fields taking off, bespoke data solutions have become the need of the hour. The smooth integration with your current IT system will help you in getting the software up and running in no time.

2. Demand

Any company that develops software is bound to update it sooner or later. Still, with custom software, you can ask the developer to add necessary things and upgrade the software on demand. It results in quicker grievance redressal of customers.

3. Scalability

Scalability is an important metric when it comes to software as everyone takes into consideration the fact that they will be bigger tomorrow as compared to where they are today.

4. Maintenance

Most off the shelf software does not come with ongoing maintenance; this means that if you find a bug, then you’ll have to wait till the next update. Custom software has troubleshooting on demand, thus not leaving you at the mercy of the developers.

5. Efficient Size

Off-the-shelf software caters to the mass market, and it might have features that you will not be needing. It is a wasteful use of a company’s resources. With custom software, you can get lean software that only has the things that you need.

6. Product Quality

The generic software that you can buy straight off the shelf will most probably have issues and unnecessary features. Also, the quality of the product is not guaranteed. With a bespoke software solution, you will get a high-quality product.

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