Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Your Hair and Scalp

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Your Hair and Scalp

Herbal and medicinaloils in recent years have got the recognition and popularity that they deserve. Take, for instance, the tea tree oil, which has emerged as a go-to natural formulation for people seeking natural and effective hair and skin remedies. However, the widespread use of this oil is not new, as it has been used in many beauty and hair products for centuries. If you are up for trying the magical tea tree oil for scalp and hair, you can first go through the following benefits it offers so that you know what to expect out of its regular use.

Boosts Healthy Hair Growth

Hair quality is about how your tresses look and feel, how strong or weak they are, how brittle they are, and how smooth or dry they are. Everybody desires thick, strong, voluminous, shiny, and smooth hair. However, external damage and the clogged and damaged hair follicles make hair brittle, rough, dry, frizzy, and dull. Dandruff also clogs hair follicles and an itchy and inflamed scalp causes premature hair fall. You can escape all these problems or get rid of them with the regular and appropriate use of tea tree oil on your scalp and hair, as it promotes healthy hair growth.

Effective Dandruff Control

Dandruff brings a lot of hair and scalp problems with it, which is why it is dreaded so much. Once it comes, it doesn’t go away easily and keeps coming back. If you are in search of an effective dandruff control solution that can take it away permanently, then you must give tea tree oil a try. With fabulous antibiotic and antiseptic properties, it kills dandruff-causing fungus.

Treats and Soothes Itchy Scalp

Dandruff is a major cause of an itchy scalp but it is not the only reason. An itchy scalp is a condition caused by many other factors, which include folliculitis, eczema, and psoriasis. Itchiness is the inflammation on the scalp, which can be effectively treated with tea tree oil. The credit goes to the amazing antifungal and antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil.

Promotes Healthy Hair and Scalp

You don’t need to have one or the other kind of hair problem for trying tea tree oil on your hair and scalp. Rather, you can start using it to maintain your problem-free hair and scalp. Its regular and proper use promotes healthy hair and scalp. You can keep using it to maintain your longer and fuller hair and prevent hair fall, dryness, and frizz.

Helps Get Rid of Head Lice

Many studies and experiments have been conducted to see the effect of tea tree oil for scalp on lice infestation in children. Almost every kid who was given tea tree oil treatment got rid of lice infestation. It was found out that this oil prevents the hatching of lice eggs, and helps loosen up the existing eggs from the hair shaft. Once their grip on hair loosens, they can be easily removed by just combing hair.