Benefits Of E-Filing Your Taxes in India

In most countries, tax is a leading supply of revenue for the authorities, and the equal is right for India. A developing united state of America along with India needs to develop both social and physical infrastructure.

For this reason, it is a civic duty of every citizen of India to contribute to the country’s improvement with paying taxes. In its attempt at growing tax revenues, the present authorities have carried out high-quality consequences to a point.

The advent of primary reforms like Demonetization, goods and Services Tax (GST) and income tax return filing online has also helped boom earnings tax compliance. The boom in tax slab charge and taxpayers has at once led to a large increase in tax filers.

In step with D Joshi, leader economist at Crisil Ltd, direct tax buoyancy accelerated to 1.9 in the fiscal of 2019 from zero to 6 in 2017. it’s far envisioned that the natural tax series in the fiscal year 2020, stands at 6% of GDP, which is the best in a decade.

As people comprehend that paying taxes is a mandatory assignment, additionally they have a responsibility to report income tax returns. All Indian taxpayers are included beneath the income Tax Act of 1961.

Phase 139(1) especially says that every person whose general earnings in the financial 12 months is higher than the most slab not chargeable to tax needs to document their profits tax returns.

There are two varieties of widely discussing submitting earnings tax returns, particularly, guide filing and eFiling.


That is the cutting-edge or advanced method of filing returns wherein a taxpayer can electronically formulate and put up the returns. Each method has its execs and cons.

However, the benefits of e-filing earnings tax considerably outnumber its hazards. The blessings of E-submitting your taxes are mentioned in the drawing close paragraphs.

Easy Storage Of Records

Submitting returns is a complex system as it requires finishing touch of numerous paperwork and attaching multiple files. To complete this task manually is even greater burdensome and is prevented by way of many individuals.

E-submitting makes this undertaking relatively clean because the records are car-stuffed through hyperlinks, making it more straightforward for the tax filer to file potential returns.


The first and fundamental gain is that e-filing gives comfort to its customers. Taxpayers might no longer physically go to the submit workplace and stand in long queues to file returns.

They can accomplish that within the comfort in their domestic or place of work, saving time and power. Another essential characteristic of e-filing ITR is that it doesn’t rely upon financial institution holidays or fairs instead of available online, 24 hours an afternoon, seven days a week.

Database Of Artifacts

Although the customer has to upload a few documents relevant to his/her profile – filing income tax, since these records are kept in an electronic format, they can be saved safely and retrieved in the future at any time.

In the case of manual filing of returns, the option of whether to keep any record or evidence of the required documentation is left to the tax filer’s choice. Over the years, there is always a chance of documentation or objects being spoiled or lost.


While in today’s world, we often hear the word data breach, the same is unlikely during income return e filing. Because of built-in validations and passwords, the data entered by tax filers is not open to anyone else.

There is always a chance of our income data falling into the wrong hands at our chartered accountant’s office or manual forms elsewhere.

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