Benefits of A Push Reel Mower

A reel mower is one of the simplest lawn maintenance tools. Noiseless and environment friendly, they are a great alternative to motor-based mowers. A product harmless for the eco-system is ultimately healthy for you as well as your family.

Read to know more about reel mowers. After knowing the efficiency of these machines, you might want to take one your garden or lawn.

How does a Push Reel Mower work?

The functionality of push reel mowers is very straightforward because they depend upon the basic application of force and some moving parts. Imagine a cart with attached handles, wherein two wheels are set on an axle. When the user pushes a reel mower, the physical force moves its handle as well as wheels. Wheels are fitted to an axle attached with moving reel blades that cuts the grasses against another fixed blade. The cutting process is similar to the working of scissors, wherein you are powering the mower.

How to choose a push reel mower?

Most of the manual push reel mower has a similar construction, but their characteristics vary. So, check the following factors before you click the buy now button.

Weight: What is the weight of a push reel mower? You cannot invest in something very heavy for you.

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Cutting width: Long and big mowers have a high cutting width, but they are heavy. However, a reel mower with a wider cutting width will help you to finish the lawn maintenance faster.

Cutting height: What is the available range of cutting heights? For example, Einhell GC-HM 30 comes with cutting height settings between 15-42 mm. Choose a model that can provide you with the required grass heights.

Grass management: Is the mower spraying grass to its rear or front? The latter has a clear advantage because you will not be seeing any clipping covering your legs, until and unless there is a grass collector.

You can try Einhell GC-HM 30 hand push lawnmower, which is lightweight at 6.46 kg. Hence, it’s easy to push and also comes with a 16-litre grass collection, which saves you from repeated visits to the compost bin. The mower has giving robust blades for effective cutting without taking much time.

Not to forget that it also gives you a generous range of height adjustments between 15-42 mm. Above all, the mower has a decent cutting width of 30 cm that offers fast results to save some extra time on the weekend.

Advantages of a Push Reel Mower

Better for the health of your lawn: Electric or gas-powered mowers shreds and tears the grasses that leaves them prone to multiple diseases and lawn insects. On the other hand, a manual push reel mower cuts the grasses cleanly, which ensures fast healing and better health.

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Makes your lawn attractive: Scissor cutting process results into an even and neat looking lawn. The grasses appear more professional and classy. It’s the reason why most of the professionals always keep a large-sized reel mower for commercial sites.

No noise pollution: Using gardening tools with high sound levels is another way to pollute our environment. Gas propelled mowers stay loud and disturb everyone under operation. It’s the reason you cannot use such a machine early in the morning or late at night. Manual push reel mowers never create such hassles.

Lacks harmful emissions: Gas-powered mowers contribute a lot to air pollution. Push reel mowers differ and never generates any carbon emission to the ecosystem.

Easy to use: Any of the individuals can easily handle a push reel mower. You simply need to push the machine and it will do the needful.

Cost-effective solution: Even the most expensive reel mower costs less than motor powered variants. Here comes the best part; there is no maintenance or running cost involved. There cannot be any other garden maintenance tool as cost-effective as a reel mower.

Calories loss: Reel mowers are powered by your muscles. A morning grass cutting session using a reel mower could be very effective for your weight management and fitness.

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Manual push reel mowers are great for small to medium-sized yards. So, you can try one of these machines only if you own an area worth 8, 000 sq. feet or less. Look for a motor-powered mower for bigger lawns. Keep in mind that a reel mower is not effective on bumpy terrains or long grasses.

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