Benefits and Ideas of Using of Reclaim Wood in Home Decor

Reclaimed wood home décor looks very pleasing to the eye. It is not only stylish but also cost-effective. It has a brilliant finish and lends a rustic look to your home. Reclaimed wood is environment-friendly. This means that when you use reclaimed wood décor pieces, the demand for new sourced wood trims is done. This eventually helps to curb deforestation. You can buy a 2 tier plant stand to adorn your home. It looks amazing and can add an element of beauty to your home.

Mentioned below are some top benefits of reclaimed wood:

  1. Various Uses:

These days there is extensive use of reclaimed wood in home remodeling and green building projects. It can be used to build wall panels, floors, tables, desks, cabinets, countertops, etc. So, in short, there is no area where you cannot effectively use reclaimed wood.

The décor made of reclaimed wood has its appeal. It looks distinctive and can be easily used to adorn various areas of your home. Anything that you can make with timber can be made using recycled wood.

  • High in Quality and Strength:

Reclaimed wood has more strength and is harder than virgin wood. This is because that it comes from old trees rather than first-generation forests. So, when you are building something that needs to be sturdy and strong, the best option is to go for reclaimed wood.

  • Rustic Appearance:

Reclaimed wood has a rustic appearance. The weathered look is an attractive feature for many people. It has a unique quality that new materials do not have. In some cases, it is seen that new materials look artificial. This is the prime reason why people avoid using them in their homes.

Reclaimed wood looks as if it has a tale of rustic to tell making it a preferred choice of many, these days. Some of the top sources of reclaimed wood are crates, old barns, old homes, school buildings, etc.

Now that you know the key benefits of using reclaimed wood in decor, here are a few ideas you can consider to decorate your home.  Reclaimed wood has a story to tell. So, if you use it to do your flooring or you buy artifacts made of it, there is a definite character that you lend to your home.

Use Barn Wood Cabinets– These cabinets are made with barn wood. The weathered look adds natural beauty to the cabinet. Modern finishing techniques can be used to enhance the appearance. So, if you want a cabinet with a unique feel then go for barn wood.

Creating Salvage Wood Wall– You can just make a single wall using salvaged wood in various hues. Use woods of different textures and place them together. It offers a distinctive feel.  This wall will be colorful and can be put in any part of your home to lend a distinctive and exclusive feel to the area.

Using Shipping Crate For Flooring– Shiping crates can be used to create flooring. This gives the flooring a marbled look. Many people like this look and it is easy to recreate it.

Recycled Wood Dining Table– Rather than having a dining table of marble or glass opt for the reclaimed wood dining table to lend some depth and feel to the place. Such a dining table oozes charm and a vintage vibe that many people like.

So these are some recycled wood ideas to give your home a nice and fresh feel. Always following trends that everyone else is opting for infuses a sense of monotony. So, it is vital that you go in for something that is out of the box. It will enhance the allure and charm of the whole area.

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