Battery powered chainsaws are pretty uncommon within the Usa, but should you be serious about a battery powered chainsaw you may obtain them. It might take some digging to perform. There is certainly one brand currently getting supplied that claims a single chain blade can reduce 4,000 pieces of PVC pipe with only a compact quantity of oil expected. Get much more information regarding Click here

This saw has a chain tip guard to prevent kickback and extend chain life. The electric brake stops within ½ second of releasing the trigger. It also has hand guards. A hex wrench permits for speedy blade changes and adjustments.

The chain guard makes it possible for quick entry for the blade and motor housing location. The 12 V.N1-MH battery offers you a longer operating time. You can get an optional manage if you will have to have a longer reach. This 4.6 pound dynamo cuts by way of a variety of PVC piping diameters.

We discovered two other brands of battery powered chainsaws. One created in China has a 12 volt battery and a shock absorption system. The other brand has an 18 volt battery along with a 10 inch chain. There is certainly tiny details presently available on these saws and most of what exactly is offered is anecdotal.

On one message board we found a discussion thread on cordless battery operated chainsaws. One participant mentioned he created 12 cuts and took down a 5 inch sugar maple.

A further said he got one and it would not reduce a two inch twig – he had the chain on backwards. General it appears like the excellent chainsaw for the occasional user who wants to complete some light pruning or to take down tiny trees.