Back to school anxiety

Back to school anxiety

Going back to school in September can be a stressful time under normal circumstances. This year, since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, we can only expect an increase in anxiety not only in students but teachers, parents, and even grandparents.

With constant changes and constant updates to the rules and regulations, things seem a little unstable and far from usual for sure. So what can we do to support each other and get through these turbulent times to reduce back-to-school anxiety?

  1. Get your fears out in the open. Packing things makes them worse. Talk about how you feel and any concerns you may have. You are not alone with these thoughts, most of your friends will likely experience the same feelings.
  2. Discuss and focus on the benefits of returning to school such as meeting old friends, and how routine can be beneficial for your mental health and learning new things.
  3. Establish a new routine. A routine is comfort for young and old. Things may not be the same as they were in pre-shutdown, but overall, it only takes a few days to get into the swing of things and put a new pattern in place. It should get easier after the first few days.
  4. be ready. Make sure you have everything you need ready in advance and reduce the anxiety of the first day by meeting a friend and going together.
  5. The day before you come back, take a run. Wake up on time, eat a balanced breakfast, take a shower, and get dressed. Just running through the routine will again break you into swinging things gently. It will also remind you of the time it takes to get ready without rushing and causing more stress.

Remember, anxiety is a normal response and can be beneficial for us when we need to respond to danger. So, instead of reading the signs as being under threat, think of them as helping you and preparing your body and mind for action.

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