Awesome Ways to Find Sponsors for Your Blog

You might not feel that your blog is huge enough to find sponsors (and you could be correct) however even if you are unsuccessful in finding a single you will hopefully find out an issue or two about finding sponsors and may possibly even commence a relationship that may be fruitful at some point in the future.

Finding a sponsor for your blog is an excellent method for many reasons, including that you just cut out the middleman and do not have to share any incomes with a sales agency or network.

It is not always simple to land a sponsor – however it is a talent that bloggers wanting to make cash from their blogs ought to understand – even within the early days. You need to decide early on if your blog is a hobby or a business.

Advertisers come to you

I’ll let you inside a secret – Most advertisers who sponsor my blogs I didn’t proactively seek, they came to me. Okay, yes, I already had some targeted traffic and that exposure meant that advertisers naturally identified my blog and realised that they might need to attain my readership via advertising. 

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There are plenty of blogs who are throwing away possible revenues from direct ad sponsorships simply because they have made it way too tough to seek out marketing offers or partnerships.

Promote directly to sponsors

Create an email that explains the value of your blog/site, listing your very best internet statistics as proof and contain a hyperlink back for your sponsorship web page. 

Inside the text, concentrate around the strongest elements of your blog/site: a strong back story, powerful readership or unique access to new goods, for instance. Send the emails to companies that market to people today like your readers.

Run your own campaigns

If you’re unable to attract a sponsor, consider operating your own campaign. Choose an aspect of your blog or website that you could use to drive site visitors. This could be a prosperous post series, a blog category, or even users’ subscribe web page. Develop banner or button advertisements determined by this and drive visitors to it.

Then you can do a few things to see how to improve your conversions, such as running a heat map test.

Tying up with networks and agencies could also be thought of as an effective technique of attracting sponsors for your blog or website.

Marketing opportunities

Even when you’ve targeted traffic it pays to possess clear “advertising” or “sponsor” links in your blog navigation area with hyperlinks or somewhere in the best converting positions of your blog. If there is a chance that a company or prospective advertisers wants to hand you some money, then you absolutely have to make it a no-brainer for them to be able to do so, and as easily as possible.

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Generate an advertising web page, clarify the solutions you make offers for sponsors, list costs, payment procedures, website traffic statistics about your blog/site, speak regarding the demographics you attract for your blog and what advantages you deliver to potential sponsors.

Place together clear sponsorship packages that outline what the sponsor receives and just how much it charges. Then, and right here may be the perfect point that most bloggers don’t do – put a straightforward “buy now” or “order” or “purchase” or “make payment” hyperlink at the end of each and every package. 

Link the purchase below button straight to your marketing software, or even better, to a payment processor like Paypal and make it incredibly easy for sponsors to offer you money.

If you make it difficult for someone to get in touch, such as asking the potential sponsor to email you to “negotiate” deals, then you are likely missing out on sponsor enquiries.

Make it straight forward for sponsors to make a decision, give them all of the information they have to have and make the obtained process completely automated so the sponsorship payment can take place without your direct involvement.

Create a media kit

As soon as you know what your costs will probably be, I assume it can be very important that you simply develop a media kit, outlining all of your promotional applications and blog specs.

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Your media kit should really incorporate:

  • a short description of you and your blog (make it intriguing)
  • a brief paragraph about why you happen to be an excellent blog to advertise on
  • Recent visitor stats (this is main thing that advertisers look for)
  • Advertising prices and packages (monthly, Half-yearly or yearly)
  • information on promotions giveaways, evaluations, ad buttons
  • links to previous campaigns or sponsored posts

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