Awesome Tips to Select the Best Shaving Brush

Whether it is grooming or hair care, both areas hold a lot of importance for both men and women. For men, it is easy to say that shaving is one of the frontrunners when it comes to overall grooming. A nicely shaved man is not just desirable but hygienic and proper looking. This is where the importance of a shaving brush comes into play. A shaving brush is an accessory that must be bought after careful consideration, giving weightage to some of its main attributes. Well, we have got you some awesome tips to select the best shaving brush UK. Here they are:

Understand the Usage, Purpose, and Design of a Shaving Brush:

In order to buy anything, you must first familiarize yourself with its basic definition or purpose. The same is true when you are out to buy a shaving brush or custom shaving brush. It is important to understand that a shaving brush is meant to exfoliate the skin and raise the hair away from one’s face. This thus leads to a good lather and makes sure that the blades glide smoothly on the skin.  Shaving brushes come in several bristle hair materials and types for example shaving brushes made of real animal hair of the likes of horses, boars, and badgers.

Stiffness of the Brush:

When selecting a shaving brush, one must always pay attention to the stiffness of the brush.  The concept is simple-the stiffer the brush, the less water it is able to retain or hold.  The stiffer the brush and the lesser the water retained, the more difficult it is to make a lather.  But on the other hand, a stiffer shaving brush is also more durable as its hair does not break easily. The shaving brushes that are made of horses’ and boar hair tend to be stiffer whereas those made of badger hair are comparatively pliable.  So based on your preference, you can choose the stiffness of the brush.

The shape of the Handle:

Another point to consider when buying a shaving brush is the shape of the handle. A men’s shaving brush is available in several handle shapes and sizes.  Any shaving brush must feel comfortable in the hands.  It mainly consists of three parts-bristles, the knot, and the handle. The width of the handle may depend upon the width of the knot.  It is best to pick up and feel the brush and its handle in your hands before buying since each person may prefer a different one. The brush must not be too heavy for your hands, should feel comfortable to hold, and must not feel awkward. Thus it is best to try a few options before finally purchasing the one. There are many types of shaving brushes, but all depends on the useability, ease of grip,  and reliability it.

Bristle Material or Hair:

As mentioned above, shaving brushes are of several types depending upon the material used in their bristles.  The bristles made using horse’s hair are made by clipping a horse’s tail or mane. On the other hand, the brushes made using boar’s or badger’s hair are developed by harvesting the animal’s hair.  If one is not comfortable with using brushes made using animal hair, there are synthetic hair varieties also available out here. It is best to check out all types and then decide which one suits your needs the most.


When it comes to purchasing a custom shaving brush UK, you must definitely consider the cost. After all, everyone may have a different budget in mind. It is best to compare a few options from different companies before finally deciding on the one. This helps you compare its features with its price and then make a wise choice.

So now that you know the awesome tips to select the best shaving brush, you too can get one for yourself easily. Whether it is buying a brush from a store or online, there are plenty of options and brands available. It is best to do your proper research or even try out a few options before finally sticking to a particular option. If you are looking for an online option to purchase a shaving brush, then you can check out As the name suggests jagshaving is a one-stop destination for all needs related to shaving. Whether it is brushes or shaving creams, the options are a plenty.  Such platforms offer ease of selecting as they offer variety and easy use interface.  If you are looking for a stiff brush, you will find it here, and if you want a less stiff brush, you shall find it too. No matter what the requirement, your needs shall be fulfilled, all you have to do is to read the above-given points carefully and then make a decision based on that.

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