Why Sunknowledge is The Ideal Infusion Prior Authorization Destination?

For a seamless infusion prior authorization practice, it becomes extremely essential to have a strong and experienced biller, certified codes, and coordinating and up to dated experts working in achieving the authorization process. As the infusion billing has a unique system of procedure hierarchies with more possibilities for billing mistakes. Furthermore, the time codes are […]

What Makes your Radiology Prior Authorization Transparent?

Managing prior authorization for radiology services isn’t easy! There are a number of basic requirements and protocols which has to be managed with outpatient imaging procedures like CT scans, MRI’s, MRA’s, PET scans as well as nuclear medicine studies like nuclear cardiology. Reducing improper utilization, unnecessary exposure of radiation, invasive processes that improve patient safety […]

Why Sunknowledge is The Best Outsourcing Option for Ambulance Billing Services

The key toward a profitable medical billing or any other specialties like DME, HME, orthotics, ambulance billing, etc process is experienced billers and certified coders along with a seamless revenue cycle management. As inexperienced billers have lead healthcare practices to encounter losing out thousands of dollars due to inadequate documentation, incomplete process knowledge, etc. However, […]