Strategy to Attract And Retain More Website Members

Social media marketing is practically a cave of wonders; ask, and ye shall have. Whether you want to promote a product for maximum outreach using every means necessary, or you need to have a better understanding of your customers to precisely offer what they need, you’ve got it all in the bag. You need to fish out the perfect tactic, implement it, to reach your business goal! Magic happens. Or else you will not be able to retain your website members.

What’s more? You can even amalgamate two or three tactics, and they can work outstandingly in your favor.

By actively keeping your customers updated through your email subscription and offering them discounts, your loyal members will be delighted to visit you again and again. Keeping them happy is undoubtedly essential; however, branching out is equally important. 

So, your next step should be to employ your loyal members as minions into recruiting more members for your website. It can be quite useful considering as nearly 83% of people are more likely to take up their friend’s recommendations regarding a product. 

If you’re stuck on how to proceed through this phase, here are a few strategies for you:

1. Consider Refreshing Your Website Members’ Memories

Your members should be aware of the benefits your website has been providing since it came into being, perhaps not all of them but a few significant ones should be featured in the weekly newsletter along with the current ones that can be emailed to all the users so that they may also avail such benefits. 

You can also include events from the past that your website has celebrated with its members as memoirs so that the new members can know that indeed members are treated as a family within the organization.

2. Know More About The Ones Who Joined

Firstly, you must get to know the members who have recently become a part of your loyal membership program. It would be best if you made them feel welcomed and prove to them that this is a business-cum-family. You can ask them their reason to pick your brand of products and what expectations they might have from it.

You can add these fields to the membership form for your website when they join. By keeping track of such records, you can reevaluate your brand from time to time and provide the best customer service. You can employ the use of platforms like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms to assist you in this regard.

3. Elevate Your Onboarding With Consistency

The best way to welcome your newest members is through onboarding. Inform them regarding the policies and benefits that entail them by being a member of this organization through an email detailing it all. 

It’d be a pretty decent overall introduction to the website, its workings, and everything they need to know about the organization. The most optimum mode for sending all this information would be to pack it in one single attachment that can be emailed along with the membership confirmation. Emails are scalable and easy to personalize. 

4. Send Them a “win-back” Email

You ought to keep an eye on your most inactive members through an up-to-date database. You can look for triggers such as if they haven’t updated their profile photo in a year or haven’t attended any of the last few events, then send such members a “win-back” email. Also, you can highlight how your website has noticed their absence and would perhaps like to know if there’s a specific reason behind it. 

You can even tell them about the latest trend on your website and invite them to participate in its activities. However, you can even automate your emailing procedures by using various Membership Management Software.

5. Conduct Interviews with Ex-members To Gain More Website Members

This strategy is also praised by a well-known EssaysnAssignments provider, John Smith. In the past, if a member has left on its own, perhaps, sometime later, get in touch with them and inquire about their reasons for lapsing.

They might prove valuable insights that you might need to revise at your organization as an attempt to smoothen things out and prevent any more members from lapsing for the same reasons. You can arrange a candid chat with such ex-members or a short phone call and get what you need. Then you can let your HR team know, and they can handle things from there.

6. Create Personal Connections

One of the most important tactics that might prove fruitful is creating personal contacts through members. If you take the time to get to know your members on a personal level, they’re going to appreciate this effort and are more likely to recommend the website to their friends frequently. 

Furthermore, personally inviting people to become a part of your website would mean more to them than getting an automated invite. 

Take a step in their direction and let them know that their presence is vital for you. You can use this tactic to engage inactive members as well, and through this gesture, they’re likely to be a win over by your customer services. Just a personalized email or a phone call would do the trick.

7. Deliver Appreciation Letters

Another tactic that might earn a lot of members would be to give incentives to the ex-members for a reconsideration. Write a personalized letter to the recipient explaining how much the organization misses its contribution and would love to have them back. Include their renewal letter and any other incentives that might seem promising for them. 

In case they do not want to renew their membership, you can send another letter of condolence and express your regrets over their decision. Still include an email on how they might get in touch with your organization again and could catch up on anything they might’ve missed out.   

8. Diversify Your Events

Have a look through at your database every once in a while. Observe the new members who have joined and if they have any similarities that they can bond over. Using that, you can hold events that cater to all sorts of members and encourage maximum engagement so that everyone can mingle with one another.

For instance, if someone needs an essay help UK, someone experienced may offer them a helping hand. If you have a huge number of members, you can take a poll or a survey on what kind of events they’d like to participate in. This can work supremely well and create a friendly environment amongst the members all around.

9. Begin Facilitating Online Participation

There might be some people in your organization that you’ve never interacted with or talked to before. Such silent members must be brought to attention and be sure to make them feel included. Start with assigning each member to share something they learned on the website with all the members. It can be anything small or big. 

Then you can enable two-way communication to keep all the members in the loop. Furthermore, you can use social media platforms to keep in touch with your members and get to know their casual side. You can also make it mandatory for members to participate in discussions and create fresh content occasionally. 

10. Send Automated Reminders

If your membership renewal form is not online, then it’s very likely people find the act of renewing it manually cumbersome. You can replace the old-school method with a modernized version, and you’ll be good to go. 

In fact, along with that, you can issue an automated email that can serve as a reminder for the member to renew their membership in due time. Thus, saving you and them the trouble of keeping it in mind at all times and with an online form they can get it over within a few minutes by paying through an online banking system because cash payments are such a thing of the past. 


All in all, as much as it is challenging to acquire members through existing members, it is equally tiring to retain the current members. You must continuously evaluate your memberships and whether they’re well taken care of or not. Your customer service game must be top-notch to handle your members in the most gracious manner possible. Only then you’ll be able to attain great heights for your website.

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