Atlanta Light Bulbs Has More Than Just Industrial Lighting for Sale

Up until now, your search for industrial lighting for sale was probably fixed on one question, maybe two. You’re working with fixtures that, for the most part, are unforgiving; that is why they’re called fixtures, anyway – because they’re fixed. That doesn’t lend too much flexibility when it comes to the choice of lighting, so the only other thing you’d probably routinely take into account is the price.

That was up until now because now you can shop at Atlanta Light Bulbs, which comprises an unbelievable collection of industrial lighting for sale and at great prices. Yet they are so much more than that because they offer you flexibility in lighting and the high level of customer care and service that are sometimes required to solve complex problems.

The first thing to take into account is that, even if you follow your old prescription of locating the lighting you need and then whittling down the alternatives until you’ve found the lowest price, you can head to Atlanta Light Bulbs for that anyway. One of the primary components of their mission is to provide an excellent selection of lightings at the lowest prices possible.

This isn’t a catalog of aging incandescents and a couple of T8 tube fluorescents that need to get sold before the company converts; this is a wholesale operation offering commercial LED bulbs including corn cob lights that can be used as replacements for HID lamps. They also offer HID lamps like metal halide bulbs along with all of the specialty fluorescent bulbs and halogen lights a business could ever possibly need. This all comes alongside their specialty lighting which is necessary for other niche situations, such as airfield lighting and medical lighting.

Better than their selection is their unbelievably low prices. They don’t just offer low prices, to begin with, but they also offer bulk discounts and they welcome a counteroffer. Part of business is the negotiation and they understand that full well. For that reason they encourage their customers to make offers for proposed sales in the event they feel they have a fairer deal in mind than the one advertised. It’s good business, and as good business, Atlanta Light Bulbs practices it.

They understand good business practices, by the way, because they have learned a thing or two after having been in business for nearly 40 years. They learn what the market bears, what to charge, what customers need, and how the landscape will develop. That’s why you can find some cutting edge lighting technology in their catalog.

That length of time in business has also enabled them to cultivate an unrivaled degree of customer service. Sometimes that customer service requires them only to offer a good selection at great prices; and at other times it means they need to help their clients come up with solutions to problems they are facing. For example, any given client might have a need to remove and replace nearly a warehouse full of fluorescent bulbs. Atlanta Light Bulbs offers solutions to problems like these. For example, they sell fluorescent-style LED bulbs that are actually designed to take the place of – and work in conjunction with the old ballasts of – the older fluorescent bulbs. It’s that type of solution that can save time and money for businesses that need to refresh their industrial lighting, but it’s only one example. They also offer plenty of other specialized industrial lighting on their website,

Visit their site today to learn a little more about what they do, and the next time your organization needs to refresh its industrial-style lights or light fixtures. Visit their website, and if you want to hear about some of the specialized lighting and solutions they can offer, reach out to them at 1-888-988-2852.

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