Arulmigu Kandaswamy Temple

The Arulmigu Kandaswamy Temple is 40 km from Chennai on the way to Mahabalipuram. It is also one of the most visited temples due to the matter of devotion as well as being near to Mahabalipuram, which is a tourist spot in itself. The temple is managed by the Hindu Religious and Endowment Board of the Government of Tamil Nadu. It is located in the ancient little village Thiruporur.

The presiding deity here is Lord Muruga, who is the most revered and worshipped deity in South India. In this temple, the deity is known as Sree Kandaswamy, who resides here with his two consorts Valli and Deivanai. The deity here attracts thousands of devotees because the idol is considered self-manifested.

Legend of Arulmigu Kandaswamy Temple

The temple is believed to have been built in the 10th century CE when it was the Pallava era. Then in the 17th century, Chidambara Swamy, who was a descendant of the Tamil Sangam age poets, is known to have rebuilt the temple.

The legend says that this was the place where Lord Muruga fought against the evil Tharaka Asuran in the air. The venue was then named Thiruporur, and the temple was created here as the symbol of the war, which denotes defeating arrogance in the form of the demon.

The village was found about four hundred and fifty years ago. Adhinam Srimad Chidambara Swamy is known to be the founder of the place. It is said that Swamy was an ardent devotee of Madurai Meenakshi Amman. He wished to have a vision of the Goddess. He performed severe penance by giving up any nourishment, and one day he went into a coma. 

Later in his dream, the Goddess appeared and told him to build a temple for Muruga. She also told him that all previous attempts to build the temple were failed. Swamy had a glimpse of the Goddess when he heard the sound of her anklets, and upon opening his eyes, he had the darshan of the divine.

Chidambara Swamy then went in search of the site where people tried to build the temple previously. He couldn’t find the site after several attempts; afterward, Lord Muruga himself, in the form of a small boy, came and guided him. The place was then found with Lord Muruga’s idol and his two consorts.

Swamy then established the temple, and today, the idol is the presiding deity of the place. 

The story also says that during those days, the place was under the control of a Muslim. His daughter was suffering from Vertigo; no cure proved as the betterment of his daughter. Then the minister of the Muslim ruler advised him to seek the blessings of Chidambara Swamy.

The ruler had no option left, and he agreed to visit the Swamy. Swamy then applied the sacred ash to the daughter’s body, and in no time, King’s daughter was healed of the disease like a miracle! Hence the place also has a shrine dedicated to Chidambara Swamy in the temple.

The Architecture of Arulmigu Kandaswamy Temple

The temple is made in the Dravidian style, which overall covers four acres of land. It is believed that the temple saw expansion during the eighteenth century when the idols were found or excavated in Thiruporur. The Rajagopuram of the temple comprises a height of 70 feet. The hall contains 24 pillars that lead to the sanctum of the temple. The sanctum uses granite working, and the presiding deity here is known as “Sree Kandaswamy.”

Deity’s height is 7 feet in a standing posture, and the temple faces East direction. The deity has two hands, holding the Vel in one hand. The peacock is there also, which is the mount of the Lord. There are separate shrines for the consorts Valli and Deivanai. There are also shrines for Lord’s parents Shiva and Parvati. There is a tank in the temple which is on the outer side of the temple.

Significance of the Temple

The temple of Sree Kandaswamy is significant as it was revered by Chidambara Swamy in 726 verses. The story says that the Swamy found the idol of Muruga under a palm leaf. Hence even today, a palm leaf is there, which is believed to be the same leaf. The temple also has its mention in Thirupugazh, the work of Tamil saint-poet Arunagirinathar.

Panguni Uthiram Festival is celebrated to Lord Murga

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