Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

From a very long time humans are controlling the machines. Humans use their intelligence and give the commands to the machines and the work is done. But, the latest technology of artificial intelligence reduces the work of the humans. Artificial intelligence makes it’s own decisions just like human beings.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming so advanced that these intelligence can do almost all the work done by the humans. They are so smart that they can speak human languages and perform different tasks once it is needed in their memory.

Artificiall intelligence traditionally refers to an artificial creation of a human like intelligence that can learn, plan, perceive and process natural language.

What is the use of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence are very helpful. They can give answers to your questions, and performs the tasks correctly. The siri form iPhone and Alexa from Amazon are also a very good example of artificial intelligence.

IPhone users do no not have to go to the calling section and make call they can just ask siri to call any contact from their phone and the artificial intelligence makes the call successfully. Similarly, You can ask Alexa to play any song which is present on Amazon Music and ask Alexa to play the specific song and song plays in a second by the artificial intelligence Alexa.

Different types of artificial intelligence

At a very broad concept the artificial intelligence is divided in to main categories that is:

Narrow artificial intelligence

• General artificial intelligence

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Narrow artificial intelligence (AI) and what it can do?

Narrow aritifical intelligence are what we see today all around ourselves. The computers are also intelligent systems. These intelligent systems are processed with some tasks wh9ch they can carry out independently, without being explicitly programmed that how to perform it.

Siri virtual assistant by iPhone or Alexa presented by Amazon also comes under narrow artificial intelligence. They are very fun to use and are also very helpful. But, unlike humans these kinds of artificial intelligence are taught to do specified tasks which their system allows it to do. Therefore, they are known as narrow artificial Intelligence.

There are a number of things that can be done by narrow artificial intelligence such as carrying out visual inspection of infrastructure, organizing personal as well as business calendars, responding to basic customer service queries, interpreting video feeds from drones and carrying out visual inspections, it also helps in booking a hotel at suitable time and location using app, it also helps in flagging inappropriate content online and many other things as the list goes on and on.

General artificial intelligence (AI) and what it can do ?

Artificial general intelligence is a very different kind of intelligence and is very advanced technology. It is such an advanced kind of intelligence which have a flexible form of intelligence which is capable of learning very different kinds of works. They have adaptable intellect just like a human person .

It can perform vastly different activities from preparing a spreadsheet in Excel on computer and doing personal assistance like hair cutting. This type of intelligence is not so common till now. It was just seen in the movies like HAL in 2001 or Skynet in The Terminator.

Philosopher Nick Bostrom reported that there are 50 percent chances that Artificial General Intelligence will be developed between 2040 to 2050. Which is expected to rise to 90 percent by the year 2075.

Whereas, some artificial intelligence experts believed that these projections are widely optimistic given our limited capacity of understanding as a human brain, and believes that Artificial General intelligence is still centuries away from us.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a specific types of artificial intelligence which recognizes the patterning any data and then further makes predictions on the basis of that pattern. The more data is stored in this, the more accurate it becomes.

Should we introduce our kids with machine language?

Yes, we should introduce our kids with machine learning. On the best way to introduce the kids with machine learning is gaming. The kids are going to take different roles when they’ll grow up based upon thir interests, fields of education and knowledge. They will become coders, developers, investors, builders etc.

We need them to be fully acquainte with the artificial intelligence and now iif is high time to get the kids be habitual with the machine language.

They should experience it and understand it this will enhance their skills, creativity and imagination.

I’d like to conclude by saying that artificial general intelligence is on it’s way. It will be introduced to us sooner or later. So, we should be prepared and we should know how to control or understand it and therefore we have to study the machine learning.

Artificial intelligence will be very helpful as it’ll make the work of the individuals very easy. But on the contrary they will also snatch away people’s job. So, we have to be ready for whatever is coming

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