Are Wigs And Men’s Human Hair Toupee Are Same

Both wigs and toupees perform the same task. They cover the bald spots in your scalp or just cover up your whole scalp entirely. But wigs and toupees are very different pieces of equipment and are used for very different purposes. To help you out, we have made a list of the important differences between wigs and a men’s human hair toupee’s.

Basic difference

A wig is a product that is used to cover the head in all its entirety. Meaning that even if you already have some hair, the wig is placed on top of it covering all of your natural hair. They are large in size and cover all the existing hair along with a bald spot. A toupee, however, is designed to cover a bald spot on one’s head specifically. They are small in size and used for covering only partial baldness or spots. A wig can be worn by both men and women while toupees are primarily worn only by men.


A wig can easily be put and removed. It does not require any additional effort to keep it pinned on your head. It is highly elasticised and will firmly hold onto the wearers head while they are wearing it. It will only fall off in extreme circumstances such as hard yanking. A toupee requires a special adhesive to remain on your head. Once it is applied, it stays for 2 to 3 weeks, saving the wearer a lot of hassle.

One important thing to note about mens human hair toupee is that they need to be fitted by a specialist. This is to ensure that the toupee can properly be integrated with the wearer’s own hair and at the end of the toupee’s lifespan, the wearer will have to go back to the salon or stylist to get the toupee removed.

The Similarities

Toupees and wigs are also very similar when it comes to cost cnd safety. Both of them are relatively much cheaper than other such hair systems such as hair transplants. The only difference would be between real hair and synthetic hair, with natural hair toupees costing more but also last significantly longer.
They are also non-permanent solutions which means that the wearer can switch up their hair as and when they feel like it. With wigs, they can change their hairstyle in minutes. They are also much safer as they do not have any side effects because they are external procedures and non-surgical.


Wigs and toupees may seem like the same but they are, in fact, very different and have different functions and uses. Toupees can showcase natural hair by making it look much fuller than it is and wigs completely cover the hair. These decisions may seem very complicated, which is why for further clarification, you must check out the Times New Hair website, one of the leading exporters of human hair wigs from China. With professionals helping you along the way so that you make your decision as seamlessly as possible.

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