Are Natural Pet Supplements Safe and Effective?

You want what’s best for your pet, and while we certainly invest a lot of time and money into their well-being, it’s difficult to know if we’re always making the right choices when it comes to their health.

In general, veterinarian medicine lags behind human treatment for similar issues. Regardless of the conditions in question, it’s not all that uncommon for steroids and similar “one size fits all” treatments to be prescribed, rather than natural pet supplements or more holistic treatments. This is not only irresponsible, it’s potentially dangerous.

Making the right choices for our pets is what being a pet owner is all about. When our cats or dogs fall ill, it’s easy to think that by rushing them to the vet, we’re doing the right thing, but this isn’t always the case. Most of the time, simple dietary adjustments or a bit more exercise would address their issues, as would the inclusion of certain herbal treatments from time to time.

You might have considered natural pet supplements in the past but heard that they weren’t as effective as mainstream pet medicines or that they were potentially unsafe. While there are certainly a wide variety of different so-called natural remedies on the market for both humans as well as animals, it’s important to make a distinction. Natural supplements aren’t the same thing as medicine. Most of the time, an herbal extract or “natural remedy” is merely a nutritious plant that happens to be full of beneficial vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or antioxidants that make it uniquely suited to help ease the symptoms of a certain disease or help gently return your pet’s body back to balance.

High-quality natural herbal supplements and extracts are not only effective, they are quite safe. They are far safer than many commonly prescribed medications and steroidal treatments, so much so that vets are beginning to recommend these treatments when the situation warrants.

If you are interested in helping your pet stay healthy in a natural fashion without the use of potentially harmful drugs, finding the right natural supplements for their specific issues is important. This is why you should take a look at Animal Essentials. Their selection of fine-quality herbal extracts and supplements will allow you to address the needs of your pets and keep them happy and healthy without risk of side effects.

Explore Safe and Natural Supplement Options
Whether your pet suffers from digestive issues, arthritis, hair loss, or has come down with a “cold,” there is a beneficial natural pet supplement that can help the situation. At Animal Essentials, you will find an array of herbal extracts that will help them feel better safely and naturally.

Natural supplements are full of plant-based compounds that work with your pet’s body instead of against it and are easily digested and absorbed by their body. You don’t have to worry about adverse reactions vets recommend the herbal supplements from Animal Essentials because they are so safe and effective. If helping your pet feel his or her best is your concern, you will want to think about looking for a natural supplement that addresses their specific illness.

From general vitamin supplements to extracts that help with allergies and heart issues, you will find just what you are looking for at Animal Essentials. If you have any questions about the quality of their products or which ones are right for your pet, you can reach them at 888-581-0416 and they will assist you with your concerns.

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